The Concerned Citizens of Roselle Park


Established as a resource for borough residents and businesses with regard to matters that concern the community, The Concerned Citizens Of Roselle Park, New Jersey serve to facilitate communication between neighbors.

To that end, we educate and serve our community. We record government meetings and put them on the internet so that those who cannot attend, for whatever reason, can still have the ability to view and listen to them at their own convenience. We file requests for government records (known as OPRA requests) to obtain documents that will keep the residents informed which we then post them on our website. We create in-depth research reports on issues that impact the residents of Roselle Park. We distribute annual information on the fiscal components of projects, votes by council, etc. to keep you informed on how your tax dollars are spent and which actions your government are deciding upon. We provide online government applications and forms which can be filled out on the computer (along with upcoming how-to videos) to ease the hassle of finding and filing forms.

We provde all these services free of charge but for those interested in joining our group, members will have the ability to officially bring up and vote on matters that interest the community. Additionally, members will have access to a private forum for discussions, receive free notary services, and have OPRA requests filed by the organization for free (for the first 10 pages), as well as benefit from other member amenities.