The Concerned Citizens Of Roselle Park, started in 2009, is a non-partisan coalition formed with the intent to cultivate active interest in our one square-mile borough located in Union County, New Jersey. We are neither a political, religious, nor social organization. We simply wish to promote a greater sense of community among residents, property owners, businesses, and their government.

Our objective is not to engage in an atmosphere that encourages conflict. We want to inform and act, not banter and complain. We hope to remove the ‘them versus us’ mentality that hinders progress and help find a way to develop a ‘them & us’ relationship with those who are willing to be open to cooperation.

This web site will be used as the primary means through which Roselle Park residents can exchange information so that we can become active members of our borough.

Any questions, suggestions, recommendations, or if you wish to find out how you can become more involved, feel free to contact us by clicking here.

Our current executive board until 2012 consists of Jacob Magiera (Chair), Saul Qersdyn (Vice-Chair), and Elisabeth Qersdyn (Treasurer). Our by-laws can be viewed below:

The Concerned Citizens of Roselle Park By-Laws (July 2011)