These four (4) documents are files related to the Separation Agreement that Carl Hokanson had with the municipality of Roselle Park. The agreement was originally signed on March 2, 2005. After numerous inquiries as to the details, the confidentiality clause was voided by both parties and the document was released. Below are the links to each file:

  1. Carl Hokanson Separation Agreement (March 2, 2005) [link]
  2. Legal Release Form [link]
  3. Carl Hokanson Letter To The Municipality [link]
  4. Borough Attorney Response To Carl Hokanson [link]

The second document is a template that was delivered to Carl Hokanson when stated he would be willing to allow the agreement to become public. The form was sent as a means to have him follow-up and deliver on what he publicly stated he would do.

The third document was a letter Carl Hokanson sent to the municipality stating he would release the municipality from the confidentiality clause of the agreement.

The fourth document was the Borough Attorney’s response to Carl Hokanson.