BOE Meeting (December 1, 2009)

On December 1, 2009, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

The superintendent and board members were in attendance with the exception of Jeff Parrell.

Public Portion

Glen Marczewski

  • Mr. Marczewski spoke on his continued efforts to provide as many children with bicycle helmets in the

Jacob Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera asked questions of the BOE regarding the possible impact on school funding & taxes due to the current economic condition of the State and the issue of pensions if the State should go bankrupt.

Saul Qersdyn

  • Mr. Qersdyn addressed questions & comments made by Mr. Ken Iachio at the November 17, 2009 BOE meeting.

With no one else from the public coming forward, the public portion was closed.

Agenda Items

  • All agenda items (1 through 9) were moved, seconded, voted on, and passed, with Mrs. Rinaldi abstaining on item #2.

Committee / Liaison Reports

  • Mr. Leinberger commended the High School Marching Band for their work this year and wanted to have them recognized. The superintendent stated that they would be brought in during the second BOE meeting in January.
  • President Cindea wanted to congratulation Mrs. Panetta and Mr. Genovese for their work on contract negotiations.

Continuing Business

  • The superintendent reminded the public that this would be the only meeting for December.

New Business

  • None.

Public Portion

Jacob Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera asked for details in the funds spent for Agenda Item #6.

With no one else coming forward, the public portion was closed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:43 p.m.