M&C Meeting (November 5, 2009)

On November 5, 2009, in Mayor & Council, Video, by RP Citizens

Mayor & council were all in attendance with councilman Yakubov  arriving while meeting was in progress at around 8:15 p.m.


Report And Recommendations Of Mayor

  • The mayor spoke about the Borough’s web site, highlighting a “Business A Month”, which was Casa de Trevi this Month, the “Create-A-Snowperson” contest, general election voting, the Little League fields, FIOS, and Halloween.


Reports Of Standing Committees And Other Mayor & Council Committees

Councilman Dinardo

  • The councilman spoke about Halloween, the road work on Grant Avenue, including the cheerleaders into the Recreation Department, and H1N1 inoculations.

Councilman Miranda

  • The councilman congratulated the candidates of the local election, spoke on meetings with ConRail, and the fire department computers.

Councilman Yakubov

  • The councilman had punch list items he wanted to discuss, as well as the Community Watch program, and issues with the sidewalk program.

Councilman Matarante

  • The councilman spoke on grant funds received for recreational improvements, equipment, and scholarships

Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning

  • The councilwoman spoke on the Halloween Party at the library, the Board of Health meeting, H1N1 clinics, the CERT program, and the “Business of the Month” program.
  • The mayor spoke about finding more information on the town-wide evaluation and starting town hall meetings.

Council-At-Large Carl Hokanson

  • The councilman congratulated local candidates, visited the Roselle Park Historic Society’s Open House, and talk about the Indo-American New Year, the joint meeting of the Planning Board and Mayor & Council, Pet Appreciation Day, the Environmental Committee Meeting, the Casano Community Art Show, issues with the sidewalk program, FIOS, and Veterans’ Day.

Public Portion

Paul Endler

  • Mr. Endler spoke about the upcoming Veterans’ Day ceremony.

Jake Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera spoke about Halloween, the Sullivan property, leaves, pedestrian safety, E. Grant Avenue project updates, crosswalk pavers, storm sewer catch basins, disposal of batteries, the NJ Division of Taxation information, and the RVSA.

Glenn Marczewski

  • Mr. Marczewski spoke about municipal contracts with the Humane Society, Halloween on Bender Avenue, and helmets.

Andrew Casais

  • Mr. Casais congratulated the council candidates, the sidewalk program issues with his family’s house, and the upcoming Concerned Citizens Of Roselle Park meeting.

Saul Qersdyn

  • Mr. Qersdyn asked about any upcoming bicycle auctions and the programming for TV-34.

With no one else from the public coming forward, the public portion was closed.

Reports of Departments

Borough Engineer

Borough Attorney

Borough Clerk

The Police Chief needed to attend to the pedestrian fatality of Cynthia Lukas oat the intersection of Locust & Westfield and could not give his report.

Fire Department

Library Director

Public Works

There were questions from council for the DPW superintendent.

The Minutes To Be Approved, Pending Any Corrections, Motion that Bills & Payrolls Not Be Read, Motion that Bills & Payrolls Be Passed For Payment, and Minutes for Meetings were all voted on and carried.

Ordinances for Second Reading

Ordinance 2280

  • Ordinance 2280 was discussed by council, voted on, and approved with council-at-large Hokanson voting ‘no’.

Ordinances for First Reading

  • Ordinance 2285 was moved, seconded, voted on, and introduced.
  • Ordinance 2286 was moved, seconded, voted on, and introduced.


  • Resolution 223-09 was discussed and eventually agreed upon to postpone until the next meeting.
  • Resolutions 219-09, 224-09, 226-09, and 229-09 were pulled from consent. All other resolutions were moved, seconded, voted on, and approved.
  • Resolution 219-09 was discussed, voted on, and approved with councilman Yakubov abstaining.
  • Resolution 224-09 was discussed, voted on, and approved.
  • Resolution 226-09 was discussed, voted on, and approved with councilwoman Chen-Hoerning voting ‘no’.
  • Resolution 229-09 was discussed and it was decided to have the resolution postponed until after discussions in closed session.

Recommendations of the Mayor

The mayor gave information on the next Mayor & Council meeting which will be on Monday, November 16th. PSE&G will be giving a presentation on proposed new lighting for the borough.

Closed Session Items

The meeting resumed its open session and announced discussion had during closed session regarding ConRail and Senior Housing, potential litigation with a towing company, and Resolution 229-09, which was postponed until the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.