RP BOE Meeting (April 29, 2008)

On April 29, 2008, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

All board members were in attendance with the exception of Mr. Alex Balaban.

tarted with a review of the votes for the school budget which was passed. Additionally the votes for the board member elections were read with Michael Genovese, Kenneth Iachio, and Nancy Kinloch being re-elected. The members were sworn in for another three-year term.

Agenda Item 1

  • Mrs. Luane Cindea was nominated for position of board president. The nomination was seconded, voted on, and carried.

Agenda Item 2

  • Mr. Kenneth Iachio was nominated for position of board vice-president. The nomination was seconded, voted on, and carried.

Mrs. Luane Cindea, as board president, thanked Mrs. Katherine Panetta for her service as previous president.

Public Portion

Jacob Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera congratulated all board members for their re-election victories and thanked Mr. Jeff Parrell for his running for a position on the board.
  • Mr. Magiera asked the superintendent if there was a recycling program for all the schools. The superintendent stated that presently there is none because the contractor the school district uses currently says that the amount is so small that it is not worth it. The schools themselves have started their own recycling program and the board is looking for other carriers to see if one would be able to address recycling.
  • Mr. Magiera asked board secretary Susan Guercio how much money the board has made from revenues or interest. Mrs. Guercio stated she did not have those financials with her but that she has that information available at the board office.
  • Mr. Magiera asked the superintendent to explain agenda item #5. The superintendent stated that the board is required to appoint an attorney. Mr. Magiera asked if the Estabrook from the law firm appointed, Lindabury, McCormick & Estabrook, is related to former U.S. Senator candidate Anne Estabrook. He was notified that the name refers to Mrs. Estabrook’s husband, who was a partner in the law firm until he passed away.
  • Mr. Magiera asked a question regarding agenda item #8 with respect to using Wachovia as the board’s financial institution, since there have been news reports that Wachovia was fined $139 million for preying upon seniors. The superintendent sated that Mr/ Magiera’s concerns are a valid but the board is not allowed to switch depositories mid-year. They will have the auditors review the insitutions for the next budget year.
  • Mr. Magiera wanted to point out a typographical error in agenda item 8, section C, paragraph 2, which states, in part, that “The principal of each school is responsible for proper disposition and accounting for funds in his charge…” Mr. Magiera stated that there are female principals in the district. Mr. Spagnoletti stated that in legalese, the word ‘his’ can be used to mean his and hers. Mr. Magiera stated he is not a lawyer and asked that “or hers” be included in the wording.
  • Mr. Magiera asked if agenda item #11 was a typographical error or if the supplies went to two different departments since office paper and paint were listed twice. he was notified that it was an erroneous double printing – they are only supposed to be on the list once.
  • Mr. Magiera asked why the second column of agenda item 19 was not totaled. He was notified that the column was totaled and equaled zero which balanced the transfers becasue the board cannot transfer more than allotted.

Committee Assignments

  • Mrs. Nancy Kinloch wanted to thank the Board of Education and the high school principal for holding the Relay for Life at the high school track. May day will be happening on May 3, 2008 and RFL-RP will be painting the town purple in preparation for the Relay for Life.

Agenda Items

  • Agenda items 3 through 12 were moved, voted on, and carried.
    • In agenda item 3, section H will become effective July 1, 2008. Section I has Mr. Spagnoletti acting as interim.
  • Agenda item 13 was moved, voted on , and carried.
  • Agenda item 14 was moved. Mr. Iachio wanted to state that Mrs. Maccia was the best hire he made while on the board. he is sad to see her go and she will be hard to replace.  The board voted on the resolution and it was carried.
  • Agenda items 15 through 23 were moved, voted on, and carried.

Continuing Business

  • Superintendent Spagnoletti  gave an update on the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC). The board received formal notification from Mr. Adase  that of the four (4) soil samples that were taken, there was some low-level contamination found in one (1) them. The contaminant found was called pyrene, which is a derivative of oil, coal, or gasoline. The levels found are not thought to be extensive and believed to be from when the cement mixer was being filled up with fuel since it corresponds with the location of the tests. The regulations still need to be followed. The plan of action is that Mr. Adase, as required, will engage an environmental engineer who will assess the level of contamination, determine if remediation is needed, and sign a memorandum of agreement. That agreement will be sent to the NJDEP and they will sign off on it, which will allow the environmental company to do the work. The NJDEP will send out a case manager to oversee the work. Once the work is completed, additional soil test will be required to make sure the problem has been mitigated. Once the tests are taken and sent to the NJDEP, they will issue a No Further Action (NFA) letter. Once that letter is issued, the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) will then issue a license to operate the center. this process will take a couple of more months. Mr. Adase will need to get three (3) quotes and is in the process of doing that. Mr. Spagnoletti recommends that the board suspend any further application for pre-school since it appears that it will not open in September. Mr. Spagnoletti wanted to thank everyone involved, from school officials to borough officials to law enforcement officials who helped to move the process along by staying on top of the agencies involved in the test. The entire process will take a couple of months, at least.

New Business

  • None

Public Portion

  • None

The board went back into closed session.