RP BOE Meeting (January 8, 2008)

On January 8, 2008, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

All board members were in attendance with the exception of Luane Cindea and Alex Balaban.

The meeting was opened up to public discussion. With no one coming up to speak, the public portion was closed.

Agenda Items

  • Items 1 through 12 were moved.
    • Mr. Spagnoletti addressed Item 11. The incorrect date of February 29, 2009 was amended to the correct date of February 28, 2009. The amended item was moved on and seconded.
    • Mr. Spagnoletti stated that, with regard to Item 2, the staff that was retiring had 120 years of experience between them. He stated they will be missed. The same sentiment was expressed by Mr. Iachio, Mr. Leiberger, and Mrs. Panetta.
    • Mrs. Panetta abstained from Item 9.

    The Items were voted on and moved unanimously, with the exception noted above.

  • Items 13 and 14 were voted on and moved.
  • Items 15 through 20 were moved.
    • Mr. Leinberger stated the importance of the Blood Drive conducted by the Girl Scouts in Item 17.

    The Items were voted on and moved.

Committee Assignments

  • Mrs. Kinloch stated that she attended the Roselle Park Borough Organization meeting. During the appointments to committee, the Board of Education appointed only one (1) member instead of two, with the Mayor appointed as Ex-Oficio.

Continuing Business

  • Mr. Spagnoletti made mention of the New Jersey State Legislature passing new school funding. Mrs. Panetta asked if Mr. Spagnoletti could expand on the relevance to Roselle Park. Mr. Spagnloletti state that Roselle Park could receive an additional 20% of state aid. It is not guaranteed, but if it goes through, it could mean $1.7 million additional to the school district. Mrs. Panetta requested Mr. Spagnoletti to explain the formula. He stated that there is an “Adequacy Formula” , which is different in each region of the state. If a municipality spends at or above the adequacy rate, the funding may be reduced and even need to be returned via property tax rebates or other refund. If a municipality is below the adequacy rate, and Roselle Park falls below by about $2,000 a student, the municipality needs to spend the funding on schools. Questions that arise might be if this funding is a one-time thing, how will it affect taxes, as well as other things that should be kept in mind. Mr. Leinbgerger stated there is an article in Sunday’s Star Ledger (January 6, 2008) which speaks more on the formula.

New Business

  • Mr. Iachio stated that on his way back home from South Carolina after Christmas, he saw a public school with the Nativity out front. He stated that there is still hope in this country.

With no other matters to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.