RP BOE Meeting (March 25, 2008)

On March 25, 2008, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

All board members were in attendance with the exception of Kenneth Iachio and Judi Laganga. The meeting was opened up to public discussion.

Jacob Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera wanted to commend the Board of Education for the zero (0) tax increase. He wanted to know if the zero (0) tax increase could be expected for 2009-2010? Mr. Spagnoletti stated that this would be most unlikely. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity because costs will continue to go up and the $1.7 million will not be increased next year. Mr. Spagnoletti stated that the Board could not find any records in recent memory where there was no tax increase in a school budget.

Superintendent’s Report

  • The superintendent presented the School District Budget presentation again with a few updates, additions, and clarifications. (Reference)
  • The need for two (2) new custodians is due to the fact that, over the years, the size of the custodial department was reduced due to budget constraints.
  • Presently, there is one (1) guidance counselor for about 1,000 students in the elementary schools – an additional counselor would help with distribution of workload. The High School has four (4).
  • Two (2) paraprofessionals will be added to the staff.
  • The definitive reason for why there is playgroundat Aldene came from June Coultas who served on the board in the mid to late 80s. A pre-school program was started in Aldene hence the playground.
  • With regard to Special Education, the district is supposed to get 40% of its funding from the State. The district only gets 14%.
  • Roselle Park ranks right in the middle of the rest of the county with money spent per pupil. Currently, the cost per pupil is $11,943.
  • With comparison to the state, in 2006-2007 the New Jersey average for each student was $12,273. Roselle Park spent $11,022 – $1,251 less than the state average. For 2007-2008, the state average was $12,273 and Roselle Park was $863 less at $11,943.

Agenda Items

  • Agenda item 1. Alex Balaban wanted to commend the school administration and the Board for the budget, which serves core programs but is well rounded and offers a lot to the students. Katherine Panneta wanted to especially thank Mr. Spagnoletti and Ms. Guercio for all their work. Barney Leinberger asked everyone not to forget to vote. Agenda item 1 was moved, voted on, and carried.
  • Agenda items 2 through 8 were voted on and carried.
  • Agenda items 9 and 10 were voted on and carried.
  • Agenda items 11 through 17 were voted on and carried with Alex Balaban abstaining from item 16.

Committee Assignments


Liaison Reports

  • Mrs. Nancy Kinloch attended the Mayor & Council meeting andreport on the budget for the school district. The council was pleased with the zero tax increase.
  • Mrs. Kinloch asked the listening audience to attend the April 16th meeting regarding AvalonBay and redevelopment of the Romerovski property. It is a very important matter and the public should attend to voice their concerns and thoughts on the matter.
  • Michael Genovese attended the Recreation Committee meeting. There were no issues nor problems to report.

Continuing Business

  • Mr. Spagnoletti spoke on the ECDC. The Board received from John Adase a correspondence that he is in touch with the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) stating that there is no reason that the property could not get a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO). The final approval must come from the NJDEP. The report is still in review. The Board is awaiting an NFA (No Further Action) from the DEP. When that will happen is still in question.

At 8:15 pm, the meeting went into closed for matters of personnel.