RP BOE Meeting (March 3, 2009)

On March 3, 2009, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

Board superintendent and board members were present with the exception of Judi Laganga and Ken Iachio.

Certificate of Recognition

  • Certificates of Recognition were awarded to Roselle Park High School All Conference athletes.

Public Portion

  • No one from the public addressed the board.

Policy Items

  • Agenda items 1 & 2 were moved, seconded, voted on, and carried.

Personnel Items

  • Agenda items 3 through 13 were moved, seconded, voted on, and carried.

Education Items

  • Items 14 through 16 were moved, seconded, voted on, and carried.

Business Items

  • Alex Balaban wanted to expand upon the services provided by “School In Sites” in item #22. The superintendent stated that the services would included web hosting, e-mail, and texting.
  • Items 17 through 25 were moved, voted on, seconded, and carried.

Item 26

  • Agenda Item #26 was included in the agenda.  The superintendent stated it was the Board of Education preliminary budget for 2009-2010. It was stated that it is the lowest tax rate increase from the BOE (14 points). Based on a $65,000 assessment, it is a $91 tax increase from the Board of Education. The total percentage increase is 2.2% over last year.
  • Mr. Balaban asked if it will preserve all current programs. He was notified that all the programs will remain the same.
  • Mrs. Rinaldi wanted to thank Mrs. Guercio and Mr. Spagnoletti for all the work done on the budget.
  • President Cindea also thanked the Finance Committee for the work put into the budget.
  • The item was moved, seconded, voted on, and carried.

Committees / Reports

  • The Curriculum Committee met to review the curriculum.
  • The Personnel Committee met to review the Superintendent’s evaluation. Although it is not due until April, the board took the pre-emptive steps to prepare it now.

New Business

  • The annual board retreat held in June needs to be scheduled. After discussion, the date of June 23 was agreed upon.
  • There was discussion regarding the Senior Citizen Advisement Committee. It has been renamed the Educational Advisory Committee so it could include other members of the community. They have a meeting every third Monday of the month. ANyone interested can attend.

Public Portion

Saul Qersdyn

  • Mr. Qersdyn asked if the budget amount included the same aid amount ($1.7 million) as last year. He was notified that the present budget increase includes the $1.7 million in state aid which was awarded again this year.

With no other memebr of the public addressing the board, the meeting was adjourned at 7:24 p.m.