RP BOE Meeting (March 31, 2009)

On March 31, 2009, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

The superintendent and board members were in attendance for the Budget Hearing meeting with the exception of Judi Laganga.

Superintendent’s Report

  • The superintendent presented the 2009-2010 Budget presentation in Power Point. A PDF version of the presentation can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

A correspondence was read into the record regarding the death of Antony Casselli.

Policy Items

  • Agenda items 2 and 3 were moved, seconded, voted on, and carried.

Personnel Items

  • Items 4 through 12 were moved, seconded, voted on, and carried with the following exceptions
    • Item 11 was tabled.
    • Mr. Iachio abstained from item #12
    • Mrs. Panetta abstained from item #4.

Education Items

  • Items 13 through 16 wee moved, seconded, voted on, and carried.
  • Mr. Balaban asked it, regarding to item 16, if the survey would be done during the school day. He was notified by the superintendent that for students it would be during the day in a class setting. The survey for parents would be mailed home.

Business Items

  • Items 17 through 25 were moved, seconded, voted on, and carried.

Committee / Liaison Reports

  • Mr. Balaban stated he attended the UCESC (Union County Educational Services Committee) meeting on March 4. The budget was passed. He spoke on the Miller Method dealing with reciprocal autism.
    • More information on the Miller Method can be found by clicking here.

Continuing Business

  • The Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) was been given its Certificate of Occupancy on Friday. The BOE will soon be able to provide wrap-around programs for students and families.

New Business

  • None

Public Portion

Saul Qersdyn

  • Mr. Qersdyn sked to be provided with a copy of the Special Education policy. He was asked to e-mail the request to have it sent to him.
  • Mr. Qersdyn asked regarding the policy from New Jersey to mandate school care. The superintendent stated that the mandate from the state was not adopted so there will be no need to provide those services at this time.

Mrs. Kinloch stated she saw Pippin and impressed with the production. She requested that the cast & crew be honored at a future meeting. The board agreed to recognize the cast & crew of Pippin for their work.