RP BOE Meeting (March 4, 2008)

On March 4, 2008, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

All board members were in attendance with the exception of Kenneth Iachio. The meeting was opened up to public discussion.

John Adase

  • Mr. Adase wanted to discuss issues surrounding the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC). Mr. Adase stated he received a phone call from the NJDEP. They requested two (2) additional soil tests which will be performed tomorrow. Mr. Adase stated it was frustrating that this stage of the process, which was supposed to be a two (2) week review, has turned into a three (3) month process. He stated that every time he was asked for something from the NJDEP it has been given to them. The initial two to three month process has now gone into its fifth month. He questioned if the additional testing was due to an anonymous e-mail sent to the NJDEP stating that there were underground tanks below. He spoke of the new state law that took effect in July 2007 regarding new testing requirements. Until that time, the ECDC construction was in accordance with DEP regulations. The NJDEP returned with high counts of zinc with the new tests and this is the situation as it stands. The tests will be done tomorrow with a three (3) day turnaround for the result. A report that accompanies them will be sent to the NJDEP. Mr. Adase stated he is not trying to hide anything and that safety is his first concern. All mandatory tests were done prior to construction.
    • President Panetta stated that she thanks Mr. Adase for addressing the issue and that if anyone has questions, they can contact the superintendent or Mr. Adase. She stated that it is upsetting that the process is sitting on a desk.
  • Mr. Adase stated he was frustrated as well. He is aware of the increasing negative publicity in the press. With regard to the loan issue, he stated one cannot just walk into a bank and ask for a money; they need to have some kind of commitment for the loan. He wanted to thank the board and each board member for being people of character. In closing, he stated that, as a show of good faith, he asked that the board suspend paying his lease until such time students are permitted to occupy the premises.

Jacob Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera wanted to thank Mr. Adase and the BOE for their transparency with regard to the ECDC issue. He was going to ask about the issue but see it was already addressed.
  • Mr. Magiera asked for an update on the incident of the anonymous bomb threat that occurred on Monday.
    • Principal Costa was in the audience and was asked to address the issue by the board. She stated that there was a bomb scare at around 8 a.m and there was a lock down procedure followed. The Union County Bomb Squad and the Roselle Park Police Department were notified and, after inspecting the premises, found no threat. The Roselle Park Police Department is conducting the investigation at this time. All the parties involved are dedicated to finding the perpetrator and to keeping the children safe.

    Mr. Magiera wanted to commend the BOE for recognizing three (3) students, one of them from Roselle Park High School, for their documentary on air pollution. He stated that credit should also go to the mentor of the filmmakers, Michelle Doran McBean. He hopes that the Union County Freeholders will also recognize the residents.

Superintendent’s Report

The superintendent turned the meeting over to Luane Cindea for two (2) presentations.

  • Vice-president Cindea recognized the Sukenick family with a Certificate of Achievement for their donation to the special service department in memory of Ms. Sukenick’s mother, Rita Kernerman.
  • Vice-president Cindea presented Certificates of Achievement to Nadia Remedios and Saida Calle from Elizabeth and to Natalia Ospina from Roselle Park for their documentary “The Future of Our City”.

Agenda Items

  • Agenda items 1 through 9 were moved, voted on, and approved.
  • Agenda item 10 was moved, voted on, and approved.
  • Agenda items 11 through 20 were moved, voted on, and approved. Alex Balaban wanted to commend the teacher for receiving awards from Best Buy.
  • Agenda item 21 was moved. The superintendent stated that the state requires that the preliminary budget be approved by March 6. The BOE will be going to all PTSAs to present the budget for questions and reviews. On March 25th, there will be a full public hearing on the budget. Board member Balaban wanted to commend the board for the conservative budget which addresses old textbooks, facilities issues, and other concerns for borough residents. The superintendent stated that this budget is the smallest increase in the tax levy in years, thus giving Roselle Park residents a much needed break. The BOE wanted to thank the residents for their support. Board member Rinaldi asked that if people have questions they should attend the budget meeting on March 25th so they can learn about the budget, comment, and ask questions. The agenda item was voted on and approved.

Committee Assignments

Nancy Kinloch

  • Board member Kinloch stated that she attended the last Mayor & Council meeting and urged all residents to attend the upcoming April 16th meeting. Seeing as there has already been $200,000 spent on legal fees, it would be beneficial to have residents attend and express any concerns and ask questions.

Alex Balaban

  • Board member Balaban submitted hisUnion County Educational Services Commission (UCESC) report to the superintendent. The commission will be voting on the UCES budget which may be slightly lower than in the last 10-15 years.

Luane Cindea

  • Board member Cindea attended the curriculum committee meeting and wanted to express her thanks to teachers for the creative measures taken to create curricula.

Continuing Business

  • Seven applications for Sherman School principal have been received and they are being reviewed.

New Business

  • Board member Nancy Kinloch was asked by Suzanne Kinloch to speak about the 23rd Annual Spaghetti Dinner to be held at the Community United Methodist Church in Roselle Park on March 29, 2008. Proceed will go to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay For Life Roselle Park. For more information, people can contact Jim Vigliotti at (908) 277-2410. She also wanted to remind everyone that it soon will be time to paint the town purple in support of the Relay For Life. Anyone interested in more information can contact Suzanne Kinloch at (908) 803-6688 or e-mail rppinkpanthers@gmail.com.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:11 p.m.