RP BOE Meeting (May 6, 2008)

On May 6, 2008, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

All members were in attendance with the exception of Katherine Pannetta, and Barney Leinberger.

Public Portion

  • None

Agenda Items

  • Agenda item 1 was moved, voted on, and passed.
  • Agenda items 2 through 8 were moved, voted on, and passed, with Mrs. Rinaldi abstaining on agenda item 4 and voting yes for all other items.
  • Agenda items 9 through 12 were moved, with the exception of item 10 which was tabled by Michael Genovese until May 20th, voted on, and passed. Alex Balaban commented on item 12, stating that the Board of Education has been part of the Subfund of the New Jersey School Boards Association
  • Insurance Group (Educational Risk Insurance Consortium) and has realized savings by joining the group.

Reports on Committee Assignments

  • President Cindea had requested committee assignment requests but only received one. She took it upon herself and made the appointments. She distributed to the board members and asked them to look over the assignments carefully and contact her if they have any questions. President Cindea did away with the Construction Committee since there presently is no construction.
  • Mr. Genovese distributed the superintendent’s evaluation form and the school board evaluation form. He has not received all of them back yet and would like to have them as soon as possible. President Cindea asked that Mr. Genovese collate and have the evaluations ready by May 20th. She also asked that everyone have the forms filled out and returned to Mr. Genovese by Monday, May 12th.
  • Mr. Alex Balaban could not attend last week’s meeting because he was in Gillette, NJ at the Union County Educational Services Committee (UCESC) and Foundation gathering. There were approximately 250 attendees who discussed various topics, including summer planning by the staff, year round visits by donors (i.e. Sovereign Bank), and involvement on the part of students.
  • Mr. Kenneth Iacho spoke on the Dad’s Club golf outing on May 17th. Sign-ups are still being accepted, even though the deadline has passed. More information can by found by visitng the Dad’s Club web site (Link).

Continuing Business

  • Superintendent Spagnoletti gave an update on the Adase property. He stated that Mr. Adase has entered into an agreement with McCabe Environmental Services with regard to the latest report from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). Mr. Iachio asked if Mr. Adase will remediate. The superintendent stated that no, Mr. Adase and McCabe will send a Memorandum of Agreement and write a report to see if remediation is necessary. If so, remediation will take place, then testing on the remediated area will occur and, hopefully, the NJDEP will issue an No Further Action (NFA) letter and the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) will issue a license so the Board of Education can receive a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). There is no further testing to be done before remediation, if it is needed.
  • The Planning Board meeting for the Academy on Westfield Avenue is re-scheduled for June 16th.
  • Mr. Balaban asked if the board still offers Senior Citizens Courtesy Discount Cards. Mr. Spagnoletti stated that seniors are given automatic discounts at school function but anyone interested in receiving a card can contact the board for one.

New Business

  • The Scholastic Athlete Dinner will be coming up but the names of recipients have not been released yet.

Public Portion

Jacob Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera asked if the staff appointments in item 4 were part of the budget that was discussed and passed. He was notified that those new positions are part of the new budget that was presented to the public. Mr. Magiera asked if, in a couple of years when the additional funding from the state does not come, will those positions be removed. Mr. Spagnoletti stated that it might not be necessary but, when such a time comes to reduce the budget, the board would look to see where to cut back and still address student needs.
  • Mr. Magiera asked about the Adase property and the findings by the NJDEP. He was notified that the NJDEP took four (4) samples andone of the four samples was found to have a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) named pyrene. Mr. Spagnoletti stated that the samples were taken 6″ deep in the area that a cement truck was located while construction was occurring. The board is reasonably confident that the sample of pyrene came from fuel that overflowed from the cement truck when it was being refilled with gas. regardless, the board must follow procedure. These samples are not related to the high levels of zinc found previously – there is still no ruling on that finding. Although the property found to have pyrene is the property leased by Mr. Adase, the lease contract clearly stated that Mr. Adase would be responsible for any clean up.
  • Mr. Magiera asked about the 150 tested previously performed on the property. Mr. Spagnoletti stated that the samples taken were not 150 but there were 150 tests done on the samples taken. Mr. Magiera if prior tests were performed on substances/chemicals. Mr. Spagnoletti stated that prior tests were performed but not on the specific chemical of pyrene. The NJDEP had requested those specific tests. Mr. Magiera asked if these tests on various specific chemicals could turn into an on-going process. he was notified that it could become that.
  • Mr. Magiera asked if Mr. Adase is still waiving the fees for rent on the Adase property. He was notified that yes, he is still waiving those fees.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.