RP BOE Meeting (September 18, 2007)

On September 18, 2007, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

All board members with the exception of Barney Leinberger were present.

  • Policy: Agenda items 1 and 2 were voted on and passed.
  • Personnel:Agenda items 3 through 12 (except item 6) were voted on and passed.
    • Agenda item 6 was voted on separately and passed with Mr. Iachio abstaining.
  • Education: Agenda items 13 through 15 were voted on and passed.
  • Business:Agenda items 16 through 22 were voted on and passed.
    • Item 23 was voted on and passed.

Committee Assignments & Liaisons

Mrs. Kinloch spoke regarding her Curriculum and Senior Education Reports. She attended meetings on August 15th and will attend another one tomorrow, September 19th. The reports on the outlook for the high school were presented by Ms. Sara Costa, Ms. Frances Kenny, and Heather Jones. during the meeting, new procedures with regard to the high school were announced.

Mrs. Kinloch also mentioned she attended the town & Council meeting as a BOE representative and notified the Board that the budget for the borough has finally been approved.

Mr. Iachio mentioned that the Roselle Park Dad’s Club will be meeting tomorrow, September 19th, at 8:30p.m. in Frenchy’s Bar & Grille. The Dad’s Club is celebrating its 73rd year and is always looking for new members and participants.

There was nothing under Continuing Business.

Under New Business,  Mr. Iachio mentioned that he saw TV34 and wanted to make certain that there were no commercials on TV34, as it would go against the intent of the Public Service Station. He was notified by Mr. Spagnoletti that the announcements made on TV34 are PSAs (Public Service Announcements) that are supposed to be thoroughly screened. There are no commercials on TV34; commercials being defined as announcements designed to make a profit for an individual or commercial establishment.

At 7:46 p.m. the meeting was adjourned.