RP BOE Meeting (September 2, 2008)

On September 2, 2008, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

All members were in attendance with Barney Leinberger joining the meeting while it was in progress.

Public Portion

  • The meeting was opened to the public with no one coming forward.

Superintendent’s Report

  • The superintendent turned over the meeting to John Adase so he could give an update on the remediation of the Early Childhood Development Center. Mr. Adase introduced Karen D’Amanda from T. Slack Environmental Services. She stated that upon review of the remediation documents, inconsistencies were apparent. Her organization is preparing to submit documents by the end of the week to correct deficiencies. One issue in particular concerns the amount of chemicals on the property. The amount of hazardous material is below DEP requirements and they will be asking for an exemption so that the licensing process can continue. Alex Balaban asked if the wholesale correction in the report is a paper process. Ms. D’Amanda stated she has not finished her preliminary reprt but that additional testing will be likely. Mr. Balaban asked if this could take a couple of months. Mrs. D’Amanda stated that yes but that the licensing process can continue as long as the issues being addressed are not of immediate danger. Mr. Balaban wanted to thank Mr. Adase and Ms. D’Amanda for their work. She will provide copies, 15, to the board when it is complete.


  • Susan Guercio read three (3) correspondences into the record.

Agenda Items

  • Agenda items 1 & 2 regarding nepotism and conduct and dress were moved and open to discussion. Mr. Balaban stated that the policies were never an issue with the district. The policies are another example of the state encroaching more and more on local Boards of Education where the state is basically sanctioning Boards of Education. President Cindea, regarding Conduct and Dress, wanted to thank everyone who worked on the revisions. The agenda items were voted on and approved.
  • Agenda items3 -10 were moved and open for discussion. Mr. Balaban asked if the addendum should be voted on separately. The Superintendent stated that the addendum was put into the public notice so there is no need. With regard to agenda item 4, Mrs. Panetta and President Cindea expressed their sadness over the resignation of Nick Florio, stating that he will be pursuing his first love, art. The agenda items were voted on and approved with Barney Leinberger abstaining from item #5.
  • Agenda items 13 through 19 were moved, voted on, and approved.

Committee Reports

  • Barney Leinberger spoke on the work of the Technology Committee. Over the summer he was in communication with Mr. Falazzo regarding a program Google has where it gives free training to school districts. They are still looking into it as well as Moodle.org, which helps create chatrooms and blogs. The committee is looking into VM Ware and working with EMC for backing up the district’s server and information.


  • Mrs. Kinloch stated she attended the Mayor & Council meeting where the municipal budget was voted on and passed. Counil spoke with Mrs. Kinloch about areas of concern that were noted on school property. Mrs. Kinloch spoke to the superintendent and the Board of Education had it taken care of.

Continuing Business

  • An in-service workshop is being set up on a Tuesday either right before a BOE meeting or on a week when there is no meeting. Board members should send e-mails regarding a preference for a date to the President.

New Business

  • President Cindea has been talking to Mary Krech who wanted to let the board know that all the schools look lovely and nice.

2nd Public Portion

Jeanine Goodis

  • As a parent and PTA president, she wanted to thank the BOE for input on field trips and she is open for more discussion, if there is any.
  • There is a planter at the Sherman School where she put in flowers. On Sunday, she was notified that they were pulled out, along with cigarette butts. The flowers were left on the green.. Mrs. Goodis called the police to notify what happen. She could not file a report since it was not her property, but wanted to let the police know what happened. The police were courteous but stated that it was just teenagers. As a child, Mrs. Goodis remembers being taught to respect property and that the behavior is upsetting. She wanted to bring it to the Board’s attention. The board responded that they take these things seriously. Someone last week stole pumpkins from the board office. In the high school, for years, things were not planted but for the past two years they have been and Mrs. Costa has done a good job of letting the students know that the area is for their enjoyment. Such behavior is not condoned and anyone caught will be prosecuted. Mrs. Goodis stated that it is a quality of life issue. President Cindea stated that the Board has a strong policy of adhering to rules and regulations. It is true that it is not as serious as other things but it is no excuse. It is a total disrespect. She asks people in the area to be alert to activity around the schools. She also wanted to state that not all teenagers are bad and that even some teenagers would be willing to help with replanting. Suggestions were brought up regarding security cameras, bright motion sensor lights and rotating cameras. There is an existing camera but it is pointed at the doors.

Jacob Mageira

  • With regard to item 13, he recalls that years ago the borough gave the Board of Education a handheld sidewalk sweeper and wanted to know if they still have it. Mrs. Guercio stated that she will have to check, since the list is long. Mr. Mageira stated that the borough is going its own list. Mrs. Guercio stated that they must have a list annually and that it was just reviewed by their auditors, Hulsart & Co. Mr. Mageira stated that the borough still has things in inventory that have not been accounted for.
  • Mr. Mageira recommended that Mrs. Goodis contact her councilman, Larry Dinardo, since he is part of the Neighborhood Watch.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm