RP M&C Meeting (April 17, 2008)

On April 17, 2008, in Mayor & Council, Video, by RP Citizens

Mayor and council were all in attendance.

A moment of silence was held in remembrance of Bill Davis, who passed away Wednesday, April 16, 2008.


  • None


  • Mrs. Del Rio spoke on Relay for Life and presented the Mayor with a “Relay For Life” sign.
  • The High School Wrestling Team was presented a certificate for their accomplishments this year (http://www.roselleparkwrestling.com/).

Report and Recommendations of Mayor

  • The mayor wanted to thank everyone for attending the AvalonBay meeting on April 16th. It was the first opportunity for the residents and council to see the plan from AvalonBay. The meeting will be shown on TV34. Copies of the meeting will be available for a small fee. The borough had asked for the PowerPoint presentation but it has not yet been offered; simply a two-sheet paper which will be put on the borough’s web site.

Report of Standing Committee and Other Mayor and Council Committees

Councilmember Larissa Chen-Hoerning

  • Councilmember Chen-Hoerning wanted to bring up visitor parking permits. In talking with some residents and Police Chief Morrison, it has been decided to try a limited visitor parking program to address concerns from some residents in the area by the train station and on streets that require permit parking. The mayor stated that he wanted to make the public aware that if any resident has a medical situation that requires a visiting care-giver to notify the police chief who can make arrangements. The mayor stated he would be happy work with the councilwoman. Councilman Badillo stated he would like to partner with the councilwoman on a pilot program. the councilwoman asked with regard to the permit zone if there are rules related to eliminating them. The mayor stated that residents could get together, sign a resolution, and present it to the governing body.
  • The councilwoman wanted to thank the police chief for addressing speeding and littering in her district.
  • The councilwoman wanted to remind residents that April 22nd is Earth Day. She donated cups made from recycled material to the Casano Center.
  • Union County has a program for planting trees. There is one date left which will be held in Warinanco Park on Monday.
  • April 27th to 30th is National Volunteer Week. Anyone interested in more information for volunteer opportunities can visit the United Way Volunteer web site at volunteer.unitedway.org.
  • This past Saturday, Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning attended a forum on Women in Public Office. In attendance were the mayors of Fanwood and Kenilworth as well as other women in elected office. The program encouraged women to take more of an active role in their communities. The mayor stated he was glad to have appointed Nancy Sivilli, the borough’s first female borough attorney, when he first took office. Ms. Sivilli is now an Essex County Superior Court judge.

Councilmember Modesto Miranda

  • The councilman wanted to notify the public that the handicap-accessible door at the Casano Center was installed today.
  • The concrete pad at the First Aid has been poured.

Councilmember Rick Matarante

  • Councilman Matarante wanted to congratulate everyone involved in this year’s high school musical “Anything Goes”. He would like to honor them at a future meeting date. He wanted to also thank all the parents who volunteered to build the sets, sold refreshments, handled lighting, sound, and other necessary behind-the-scenes work.
  • The budget process is still going on. Before the process began the tax rate for residents was an increase of $257 for the average household. It has gone down to an increase of $155. Out of that $155 increase, $113 are for programs and issues that are contractual or mandated – which are out of the borough control. Councilman Badillo stated that the borough’s responsibility of tax increase came out to $42 per average household.
  • The councilman attended the public safety committee which held preliminary discussions on the promotional criteria for police department positions.
  • The councilman asked for dates for budget meetings. The borough’s CFO will be on vacation the following week so the dates of April 29th at 6:30 pm to May 1st at 6 pm.

The mayor stated that he received notice from Keith regarding the AvalonBay meeting tapings. They will be available to view on Saturday at 7 am and 2 pm.

Councilmember Rick Badillo

  • The Dad’s Club will be sponsoring “A Day At The Races” on June 1st and their annual “All-Sports Dinner” on June 3rd. Anyone interested in more information can visit the Dad’s Club web site.
  • The councilman spoke on the Department of Transportation meeting. There were discussions regarding the median, upgrading certain areas, moving traffic along, and redevelopment.
  • At last night’s meeting, AvalonBay finally gave a presentation on the insistence of council.
  • The councilman attended the Joint Sewer Committee meeting.
  • The councilman attended the Public Safety Committee meeting.
  • The councilman attended the musical “Anything Goes” which he enjoyed.
  • The councilman went to the Casano Center and played bingo. He also donated 17 recycle containers to the center to give to residents who could use them.
  • The councilman offered his congratulations to the school board members who were re-elected.
  • The councilman spoke with the borough engineer on jobs that are ongoing in town.

Councilmember Michael Yakubov

  • The councilman wanted to thank the DPW for the work being done in the fifth ward on Roosevelt Road and Grant.
  • The next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be scheduled at a later date due to the budget process and AvalonBay along with other thing.
  • The councilman asked for residents to call in to offer input regarding the meeting with AvalonBay.
  • The councilman, along with councilmen Badillo and code enforcer Carl Pluchino, are in the process of having Valley Road cleaned up. The railroad ties have been moved. The only ones left are the non-recyclable ones.
  • The councilman stated that the DPW is going around addressing pothole issues. Any resident who has a pothole in their area can call in and be put on a list.
  • The councilman wanted to thank the DPW for cleaning up the parcel of land on Beechwood Avenue which was filled with litter.

Councilmember Laurence Dinardo

  • The councilman wanted to thank the police chief and the police department for addressing speeding issues. He also wanted to thank them for their due diligence in addressing the bomb threats and for apprehending the accused. He hopes that they get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • The councilman offered the name of Tim Burns to councilwoman Chen-Hoerning as a point of contact for Warinanco Park.
  • The councilman wanted to thank Mr. Faria for all his years of service.
  • The councilman would like to update the bulk waste ordinance.
  • The councilman would like to have issues with Grant Avenue addressed.

The mayor stated, with regard to a bulk waste ordinance, that the next pick up is in June. In order to make changes to the ordinance, the introduction of a new ordinance should be done by the next meeting.

Reports Of Department

All reports were moved, voted on, and approved.

Minutes To be Approved, Pending Any Corrections

  • The motion was moved, voted on, and carried.

The Motion that Bills & Payrolls Not Be Read and Motion that Bills & Payrolls Be Passed For Payment were all voted on and carried.

Ordinances for First Reading

  • None

Ordinances for Second Reading

  • None

Public Portion

Jacob Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera when the AvalonBay meeting would be televised. The meetings would start airing on Saturday.
  • Mr. Magiera asked if councilman Badillo could let him know how much he was being paid in connection wth the Joint Sewer Committee meetings. The councilman stated no, that it was public record.
  • Mr. Magiera asked for an update on the legal fees related to Romerovski. He was given an update on Jeff Surenian’s and Mr. Maraziti’s fees.
  • Mr. Mageira asked to have resolution 123-08 explained. he was notified that the fees were related to the Monica Montoya case and the defense of officer Harold Breuninger.
  • Mr. Magiera state that the police department did an excellent job with the bomb threat situation.
  • Mr. Magiera inquired about the Laburco (?) property. He was informed that the Board of Health inspected the inside of the property, found no rat droppings, and the inside of the building was clean. The outside needed to be addressed aesthetically but it was given a clean bill of health.
  • Mr. Magiera addressed councilman Matarante to let him know that the FAA issued new guidelines regarding the fuel reserve on airplanes. The councilman had made a previous comment at an earlier meting that he was on a flight that needed to be redirected due to low fuel reserves.
  • Mr. Magiera stated that seniors in the community are opposed to changes in the Homestead Rebate and asked mayor & council to protest the cuts.
  • Mr. Magiera asked about part-time government employees and an article in the newspaper regarding no benefits. He inquired about pensions. the mayor stated that there was a legal review on cutting pensions. Borough attorneys, borough engineers, and incoming part-time elected officials will not receive pensions. Constitutionally, those already in office before the review took place cannot have their pensions removed.
  • In conclusion, Mr. Magiera wanted the residents to recognize councilman Matarante for his outstanding gesture of not taking a paycheck for the six weeks he was away on business. Mr. Magiera still believes that any councilmember who misses a budget meeting should be docked $200 for every meeting missed.

Glenn Marczewski

  • Mr. Marczewski stated that he has noticed stores closing and stated that the borough should market businesses more. The mayor stated that the Roselle Park Special Improvement District (SID) Committee has discussed that issue and will meet with the Cranford SID to listen to their opinion of how they addressed the issue. The Cranford SID will offer some marketing tools and outreach measures with the belief that as the business district improves, so does the community. On April 30th, Police Chief Morrison will be introduced tot he business community. Mr. Marczewski stated that marketing has not been done in a long time and that times are tough economically; so much so that people have been stealing steel, copper, and drain pipes.
  • Mr. Marczewski asked regarding the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) and the environmental issues concerning the building not being in use. The mayor stated that Mr. Marczewski should address the Board of Education since they would have more information regarding the matter.
  • Mr. Marczewski asked regarding the ball fields by the ECDC. The mayor stated that the borough has to follow NJDEP protocols. The tests are on-going and the Borough does not want to rush the testing because it might be accused of trying to rush the results.

Suzanne Kinloch

  • Ms. Kinloch wanted to remind residents that the Health Fair will occur on Saturday, April 26th, from 9 am to 11 am in Westfield.
  • Ms. Kinloch was sad to hear about the passing of Mr. Davis.
  • Ms. Kinloch stated she noticed that the library recently had beautifully accented walls and asked if they would be interested in painting it purple in commemoration of May Day for the Relay for Life.

The public portion was closed.

Councilman Badillo gave more information on the Dad’s Club outings. People interested could contact David Del Rio at (908) 451-2577 or Ken Iachio at (908) 247-5518.


  • Resolutions 123-08 and 127-08 were moved from consent by Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning.
  • All other resolutions were moved, voted on, and approved.
  • Resolution 123-08. Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning asked regarding the fees. She was notified that per the PBA contract, the borough is responsible for legal fees in defense of an officer, in this case officer Breuninger. The original amount of $1,500 was an estimate and was increased to reflect actual fees. The councilwoman asked if the borough’s insurance coverage could handle this. The mayor stated that they could try but that, in the past, these fees have not fallen under the coverage. The resolution was moved, voted on, and approved with councilman Dinardo voting ‘no’.
  • Resolution 127-08. Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning stated that she had not seen the resolution until tonight right before the meeting. She reviewed the resolution during the meeting and was okay with it. The resolution was moved, voted on, and approved.

Matters for Referral

The mayor moved that Laura Hahn be appointed as liaison to the Library Board. The referral was moved, voted on, and approved.

There were no closed matters before the council.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:04 pm.