RP M&C Meeting (August 16, 2007)

On August 16, 2007, in Mayor & Council, Video, by RP Citizens

Mayor and council members Laurence Dinardo, Rick Matarante, Robert Rubilla, Loren Harms, and Michael Yakubov were in attendance. Kenneth Blum, Doreen Cali, and William Lane were the remaining attendees. Nick Villano joined the meeting while in progress.

Requests for four (4) Block Parties and one celebration for the two Roselle Park Little League Teams were passed and approved. The mayor mentioned that there is beginning to be noticeable trend of requests for multiple block parties on certain blocks throughout the summer season. Spruce Street has made six (6) requests for a Block Party from June through September. There was concern brought up by a Roselle Park resident about the numerous parties. There is presently no ordinance in place to deal with either verification of signatures or if the signatures constitute a majority of a block’s residents. The mayor and councilmen Matarante and Harms made requests to look into adopting an ordinance to lay out regulations and requirements for block parties. The councilmen stated that the Public Safety Committee should look into establishing guidelines for next season.

Report and Recommendations of the Mayor

The mayor mentioned the upcoming meeting on August 22nd regarding the progress of re-development in Roselle Park. The meeting is to be held at 7 p.m. in Borough Hall. Some of the topics to be addressed are the downtown area and grass redevelopment. A representative from Solar Dominho (previously “Tavern In The Park”) will also be present to give notify the public of its redevelopment plans and progress.

The mayor made a motion to move on resolution 194-07, which is the swearing in of members of the Board of Trustees for the Roselle Park Special Improvement District. The members of the Board are:

  • Carole Cascio (Hair Garden Haircutters)
  • Nicola Cristofaro (Costa’s Restaurant)
  • Fanya Gonta (Valley National Bank)
  • Michael Melango (Melo Contractors, Inc.)
  • Mike Pasqua (Hercky Pasqua Herman Advertising)
  • Vincent Raimondi (Park Karate for Kids)

Carole Cascio and Vincent Raimondi were present and sworn in.

Certificates and Proclamations

  • A Certificate of Appreciation was given to Carol Gedman and the residents of Hemlock Street for their 10th Block Party.
  • A notice of anniversary was presented to Paul and Irene Endler for their 50th wedding anniversary.

The mayor mentioned the meeting at Acker Park and appreciated turnout and input for residents regarding proposed plans for renovation.

Report of Standing Committees and other Mayor and Council Committees

Councilman Yakubov

  • Spoke with officer Antonucci regarding how to slow down traffic in the fifth ward. Along with radar enforcement, the councilman has “Drive 25, Keep Kids Alive” signs that can be given out to residents. Anyone interested should contact the councilman or the borough clerk.
  • The councilman spoke of the turnout for National Night Out.
  • He has received calls about trees that need to be trimmed or cut down. he has notified the DPW, but understands they are short on manpower at present.
  • Councilman has been told that outside contractors have come into town, done work on or near homeowners’ properties and left behind a mess related to their work. He is contacting the appropriate outside parties to become responsible and have them clean up after their work is completed.

Councilman Rubilla

  • Mentioned the Acker Park meeting, which he attended.
  • He and Carl Pluchino from code enforcement have gone around and documented bridges that are Conrail property that need to be painted and maintained. They will be driving around town with a Conrail official to confirm what issues need to be addressed.

Council Matarante

  • Councilman recapped the meeting at Acker Park. Following a recommendation made by Mr. Jacob Mageira during the Acker Park meeting, councilman Matarante requested to set up a committee of residents to address the issues raised during the meeting. Councilman said the committee would be similar to the one set up for school uniforms. There would need to be a decision on how to pick committee members and how many mebers would comprise the committee. The mayor appointed councilman as head of the committee. The major point that has been removed by the engineer in the proposed plan are the public restrooms and grill area.
  • The Public Safety Committee met Friday. In their discussions, four (4) areas of recommendation were made for the proposed relocation of the Roselle Park Museum:
    • Renovate the Casano Center to include senior housing and space for the Historic Society.
    • Purchase MORFAB buildings to house the Historic Society.
    • See if there are more OEM-like double-wide trailers that could be made available to house the Historic Society.
    • See if talks can be started with the Library and its director to see if it would be able to re-house the Historic Society.

    The mayor suggested that the Roselle Park Historic Society contact the county for grant funding that would assist in implementing whichever of the four (4) proposed ideas is decided upon.

  • Councilman met with the head of Fire Prevention. He moved for a vote on the fire inspectors. After the meeting with Fire Prevention, councilman Matarante stated that the borough should be moving forward with the hiring recommendation because it is needed and it will affect the budget. The mayor requested that the options considered with hiring should be done in writing, thereby giving councilmembers time to ask questions and decide. The inspectors will be part-time, so payment of benefits will not be affected. A request was made to have everything ready to vote for the September 6th meeting.
  • As the financial chair, Councilman Matarante requested to schedule a meeting for the capital end of things with regard to the budget. A preliminary date of August 22nd was agreed upon, with the meeting taking place after the renovations meetings. A back-up date of September 6 at 6 p.m. was agreed upon.

Councilman Harms

  • Nothing to report at this time.

Councilman Dinardo

  • Sherman Avenue has a flooding problem that seems to have been remedied when a storm cover was removed to allow the water to recede into the sewer. He suggested the borough look into a permanent solution to the flooding problem.
  • The Grant Avenue hole needs to have it filled to prevent rain water from collecting and remaining long after a shower. Additionally, some delineators need to be replaced.
  • Councilman Dinardo needed clarification concerning a statement made regarding a new library director. There was confusion regarding the statement because it was concerning the new library director since the Historic Society had moved to its present location, not in the sense that there was a newly represented library director.
  • Councilman referred to the Acker Park meeting and stated he wants to keep the park as a kid’s park. He agrees with touch ups to the park regarding fencing and other safety issues.

Reports Of Departments

  • All reports were moved on, voted on, and accepted.
  • William Lane spoke of two (2) proposed ordinances (solar power paneling and illegal apartment dwellings) that he would like to have ready for first reading by the September 6th meeting. Additionally, he spoke of a graffiti ordinance which would be able to fine anyone caught vandalizing property as well as holding property owners affected by vandalism to clean-up within 30 days of a notice. The fines could be placed in a trust fund to be used to clean up vandalism throughout the town. A technical correction ordinance needs to be created to address an error in grammar/semantics for a previous ordinance. Mr. Lane had two items for closed session.

Public Comment

Jacob Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera wanted to know if six (6) employees of the DPW were all out on disability. The mayor notified Mr. Magiera that five (5) employees were out and that some of them were on disability. Mr. Magiera wanted to know if salary was being paid to them or if payments were being made into their pensions. Mr. Kenneth Blum stated that no salary was being paid but that payments to pension funds are not made on a weekly basis but annually in one lump sum; additionally, some workers are collections workman’s compensation. Mr. Magiera suggested that some of the money being saved in salary could be placed into a fund for bulk trash pick up. The mayor notified Mr. Magiera that, with only 60% of the workforce, overtime has been allowed to complete work that needs to be done to adjust for the lower manpower. Mr. Magiera wanted to know what the SLAP (Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program) does for the borough. The mayor notified him that they clean up shrubs, weeds, and the tunnel.
  • Mr. Magiera gave a report on the Union Hospital meeting which he attended.
  • A question was brought up regarding a discount for fireworks. A $2,000 refund was given to the town for fireworks on August 7th.
  • Acker Park has overgrowth of bushes which could carry ticks, bugs, and invite rodents.
  • Mr. Magiera wanted to know if the Jerome Street properties have been sold yet. They have not.
  • Pigeon droppings on Chestnut Street under the train overpass are a health issue. Councilman Rubilla stated that last week he received complaints about the droppings and had the DPW power wash the area. Mr. Magiera stated he passed by today and it is dirty again with droppings. He suggested that councilman request Conrail to install netting under the overpass to alleviate the problem with pigeon droppings. The mayor added that he has requested written notice from Conrail to the condition of all the overpasses and bridges in town as a response to the Michigan bridge collapse.
  • Parking meters have been painted but some of them are still not working. the mayor stated that an officer and code enforcement have been going around inspecting all meters – they are about 80% done. Some of the meters that were not working needed to have their batteries replaced, change emptied, or stuck coins addressed. Those with 444 error messages have been addressed to the company that fixes meters. Mr. Magiera stated six (6) meters next to the World of Liquors are not working.
  • The meters were painted but Mr. Magiera wanted to know if the lampposts are going to be repainted. There is no intention to do that at this time but PSE&G has been called to replace the globes.
  • There are metal shavings on the ground under the parking meters which could be eaten by dogs, making them sick.
  • The maroon garbage receptacles should be cleaned underneath since there is refuse and dirt there. Mr. Magiera was notified they are being power washed.
  • Mr. Magiera inquired about the Police Chief and was notified that he is on vacation.
  • Tavern In the Park does not appear like it will open in September, but perhaps in 2008. The mayor stated that construction is trying to finish as soon as possible since their are people who are interested in renting out the hall.
  • Mr. Magiera requested a clarification to Resolution 191-07 since there is no information on the resolution handout. He was notified that the amendments deal with adding grants and capital projects. A list ofthe amendments will be available at the borough clerk’s office on August 23rd and that a public hearing on the amendments only will take place on September 6th.
  • The library is visited by about 550 children every week.Mr. Magiera does not know how many children visit the Historic Society museum. The library can create an addition to house the Historic Society, thereby offering convenience for residents interested in the town’s history and a location for the museum to be housed. Notice should be given that the OEM-like trailers have formaldehyde which may cause health issues.

Vincent DiCecco

  • Mr. DiCecco wanted the borough to clarify issues regarding ordinance 2214 regarding the feeding of unconfined animals. Mr. DiCecco felt that the ordinance is unenforceable since there is no definition given of what constitutes an unconfined animal. He wanted to know who will enforce it? He states that he has two neighbors that overfeed birds which invites rodents onto his property. He calls the Board of Health but they arrive after his neighbors feed the birds. He was told that the ordinance was required by the state and that it was not created by the borough.
  • Mr. DiCecco stated he hopes that the members sworn into SID will bring business into the town.

Glen Marchesky

  • The Acker Park meeting was polarized with respect to the basketball courts. Mr. Marchesky wanted to know where kids who are grown up are supposed to go to play basketball. He was notified that there is a youth center available and that the school courts could be opened up for them. Mr. Marchesky wanted to know when the rims were taken down. he was told around 2004-2005. Mr. Marchesky stated that perhaps the lack of activities for youngsters may be some of the cause of a rise in incidents at the high school and middle school. He quoted from an October 27, 2005 article regarding the statistics of incidents at the school. Mr. Marchesky feared that Acker Park will go unused when the little children grow up and that it might be turned into housing developments.
  • Mr. Marchesky asked about the progress of the ballfields. Additional testing is required but some type of remediation has been approved.
  • In closing, the borough should be aware of the recycled rubber that is proposed for Acker Park since there have been reports that that have been causing children to be burned.

Bob Kluge

  • Mr. Kluge brought an idea to the borough regarding an internationally recognized sign for litter with the caption “Pitch In For Roselle Park” that could be distributed to businesses in the downtown area. The mayor stated that the proposed sign would be forwarded to the Clean Community committee to have it adopted.

Don Geisler (?)

  • He sent a letter to council regarding the Hawthorne Retention Basin. He has concerns regarding getting the grass out of there and noticed that SLAP cleaned out the front. He has noticed that oil has settled into the basin and actually traced it out to Roselle on West 6th Street. Councilmen Rubilla and Harms stated they received his correspondence and are doing their part to have the issue addressed and remedied. The council thanked Mr. Geisler for his concern and notification of the situation to them.

Motions were carried to approve meeting minutes, bills & payrolls, and non-reading of bills & payrolls.

There were no ordinances for introduction or second reading.

Resolutions 189-07 through 194-07, with the exception of 192-07, were read into the records, voted on and approved. Resolution 192-07 was pulled in order to clarify the purpose it. The resolution dealt with a matter that has gone to arbitration between the borough and the police department regarding labor matters.

Matters For Referral To Committee Or Council

  • Thomas Sheehan, Nicholas Gribben, and Michael Davitt were appointed to the Roselle Park Fire Department.
  • Anita Szari was made an additional appointment for UCATAN (Union County Air Traffic and Noise Advisory Board)
  • A vote was taken on allowing Sherman School PTA to obtain a raffle license. The matter was voted on and passed.

Three (3) items were held for closed session.

The meeting was adjourned.