RP M&C Meeting (December 6, 2007)

On December 6, 2007, in BOE, Video, by RP Citizens

Mayor and all council members were in attendance with the exception of councilman Rick Matarante, who was away out-of-state on business. Councilwoman elect Larissa Chen-Hoerning and Councilman elect Moe Miranda were invited to sit with council as a matter of tradition to acclimate the newly elected council members to the dais. Mrs. Chen-Hoerning was present and sat with council. Mr. Miranda was absent.

The meeting started with a Call to Arms as Paul Morrison was sworn in as Police Chief of Roselle Park under Resolution 251-07. A ceremony with bagpipes and drums introduced the Police Chief to a room full of fellow officers and police chiefs from other municipalities. After the swearing in, there were words from the newly sworn in Police Chief, retiring police chief Warren Wielgus, the mayor, and the governing body.

Report and Recommendations of the Mayor

  • The mayor mentioned that on December 27, 2007, there will be a meeting that will serve as a follow-up to the Redevelopment Meeting. The meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. at Borough Hall.
  • In January 2008, the newly revised Roselle Park code book will be available online.
  • On December 20th, at 6:00 p.m. there will be a meeting with Catholic Charities regarding senior housing at Borough Hall.

Report of Standing Committees and other Mayor and Council Committees

Michael Yakubov

  • Councilman Yakubov wanted to thank the police department for their addressing of speeding along Colfax Avenue and Webster Avenue.
  • There is still graffiti on the grove area. The Board of Education has been notified of it and a resolution to the situation should be addressed.
  • Talks have been had with Wessex Management of Webster Gardens regarding future snow removal.
  • The Neighborhood Watch program was in action as a neighbor called the police about an abandoned car on their block. The issue was resolved due to the aware resident.
  • Councilman Yakubov wanted to thank everyone involved in the Holiday Parade and Rotary Breakfast. The mayor echoed the councilman’s sentiments.

Robert Rubilla

  • Councilman Rubilla wanted to express his thanks for all the years of service by Chief Warren Wielgus.

Loren Harms

  • Nothing of note to report.

Ricky Badillo

  • Councilman Badillo wanted to congratulate Moe Miranda and Larissa Chen-Hoerning on being elected to council. He also wanted to thank Robert Rubilla for all his years of service.
  • Councilman Badillo was absent the last two (2) meetings due to work.
  • Councilman attended his first Anthony Signarelli Wrestling Dinner in Kenilworth. Due to the dinner and fundraising, 18 students were awarded scholarships to wrestling camp.
  • Last night the Middle School had its Wrestling meeting at Frenchy’s. Although they will be working with the Dad’s Club, they are autonomous and will be sponsoring separate tournaments. Anyone interested can contact Coach Renieri.
  • In February, Solar do Minho will be having a fundraiser dinner for the Wrestling Club, which will be named after Mark Grasso.
  • There has been a larger presence of police pulling over motorists on Chestnut Street for violations ranging from not stopping for pedestrians to speeding.
  • The Pop Warner cheerleaders won their competition in Trenton and yesterday were on their way to Florida for the national competition.
  • The Health Fair went will
  • The councilman attended the Rotary Club breakfast last week.
  • Councilman Badillo wanted to thank the Roselle Park Fire Departmen, First Aid, and OEM for their response to the Chestnut Street fire last month.

Laurence Dinardo

  • Councilman attended the Christmas Tree lighting and Christmas Carol ceremony last Friday.
  • The councilman enjoyed walking in the Holiday Parade and attending the Rotary Club Breakfast.
  • Councilman wanted to thank Karen Intile from the Casano Community Center for all the work that went into putting the refreshments after the Holiday Parade.
  • The councilman is happy that the code book codification on-line, having worked on getting it available.
  • The councilman wanted to congratulate Robert Gordon School for its 100th anniversary.

Reports of Departments

A motion was put forth to accept all reports. The motion was carried. The departments then presented their verbal reports.

Engineer’s Report

  • Councilman Yakubov asked about the Webster Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project. It is expected to be ready for spring construction with about four (4) weeks of work.
  • Councilman Badillo asked if residents were notified about the Westbrook Stream Improvements Project falling within the 200 feet requirement set forth by NJDEP. The notices were sent and the certified return receipts were sent to NJDEP.
  • The Union Avenue Sewer Repair project was awarded and there will be a pre-construction meeting with the contractor.
  • The Engineering Department should have a list of prices related to the 237 Sherman Avenue Project by December 20th. Councilman Dinardo asked if the project could be done in the winter or would it have to wait until spring. The Engineering Department stated it could be done in the winter.

Attorney Report

  • Guariello & Deck vs. Roselle Park went into mediation. A report should be available at the next meeting.
  • The senior housing land search is progressing at an encouraging speed. There are various locations in the borough but the list was narrowed down to five locations, with the ConRail property being first on the list. Talks are ongoing with Catholic Charities to manage the housing. The other locations should not be downgraded in importance in case the ConRail property does not become viable. The other locations are smaller and have other characteristics that made the ConRail property the first choice. In furtherance of that, in Resolution 252-07, the Mayor, Borough Clerk, and Borough Attorney will be authorized to negotiate the purchase of the ConRail property.

Public Portion

Jacob Magiera

  • There were 16 people in attendance by the public portion of the meeting, including councilwoman elect Larissa Chen-Hoerning. At the beginning of the meeting, there were over 100 people. With a room full of police officers, Borough Hall was the safest place in New Jersey.
  • Mr. Magiera wanted to comment on December 7th so that people could remember and commemorate December 7th 1941, the date the America entered World War II.
  • Mr. Magiera asked about compensation by the promoter for the street fair. Mr. Kennth Blum, CFO, said nothing has be received as of yet.
  • Mr. Magiera wanted to note jokingly that there was no shovel following the Holiday Parade on Saturday.
  • Councilman Matarante related a story to Mr. Magiera regarding a plane flight the councilman was on where the plane had to go to Delaware to refuel since the plane was low on fuel while waiting to land.
  • With regard to mail service, Mr. Magiera wanted to notify the borough that residents could place mail on their mailboxes that they would like to go out instead of trekking all the way to the Post Office. They could leave the mail hanging outside of their mailbox to notify the carrier there is mail to be pick up. (Personal Note: Residents can also set up a pick up online.)
  • In reference to the last meeting, Mr. Magiera wanted to clarify that his comments with regard to the La Burco property were about the inside of the property, not the outside Hawthorne Basin and the drainpipes. He was notified that testing inside the property would take place when/if someone bought the property.
  • Mr. Magiera wanted to know the cost associated with the Christmas decorations in town. He was notified that the cost for putting up and taking down the decorations is $14,000.
  • Mr. Magiera wanted to address Borough Attorney William Lane to find out if any recent legal cases that were set aside for closed session have been resolved. If so, what was their resolution. Mr. Lane stated that all recent closed matters that have been resolved have been made available. Mr. Magiera asked because in review of recent closed session matters, he has not heard any information regarding their outcome.
  • Mr. Magiera wanted information on Ordinance 2229. CFO Kenneth Blum stated it was a changing of description of a cross road intersection. The ordinance it relates to, Ordinance 2220, has already been passed and this is simply an amendment to correct semantic oversights, not any budget nor cost adjustments.
  • Mr. Magiera read from a November 28th article from the Star-Ledger regarding shared services. Mr. Magiera wanted to know if the borough had any commitments with shared services with other municipalities and/or the county. The Mayor sated that there are gas shared services with Union County, joint purchases with Morris and Somerset Counties. There was a proposed shared services of police with Roselle but it appears to have been stonewalled by Roselle. There are shared services with the Board of Education for the use of Borough chambers for meetings and TV-34 and the Academy. Mr. Magiera asked if the Comcast franchise fee is part of shared service and how much the fee was. The borough received $40,500. The borough has purchased equipment for the BOE the past couple of years and incorporated them into Televue. Mr. Magiera stated that some people have told him they are unhappy with Televue. The Mayor stated that some people have told him they were happy with Televue. the borough, in reference to shared services, uses the franchise fee funds to offset any tax increase, which is affected by the Board of Education budget. Mr. Magiera stated that, in his opinion, that does not constitute shared services.
  • Mr. Magiera addressed Councilman Rubilla on the painting and netting of bridges in the borough, the avoidance of having any pigeon droppings going into the storm sewer, and any related matters. Councilman Rubilla stated that ConRail offered to place sings ion the bridges but this would still not address the rust on the bridges themselves. The borough is in negotiations with ConRail and the painting, cleaning of the bridges are part of those talks. Councilman Harms was referred to in order to address the cleaning of pigeon droppings. The councilman stated that the borough called NJDEP and the department stated that the borough could indeed wash droppings into the storm sewer drains.
  • Mr. Magiera gave his FAA report as a liaison for the Union County Air Traffic and Noise Advisory Board and wanted to make certain all of council had a copy of the report. Mr. Magiera also read from a Star-Ledger Article with regard to NJCAAN.

Glen Marczewski

  • Mr. Marczewski wanted to ask about Roselle Park sewer system. He wanted to know if more development occurs in the boroug, will the borough be able to handle it. The Mayor stated that any large development should investigate its impact on the borough’s sewer system but there is an excessive amount of capacity that can be handled. When Schering Plough expanded, they re-routed their sewer system through Roselle Park since Kenilworth had reached it maximum capacity. Mr. Marczewski stated that the system is 106 years old. The Mayor stated that from prior conversation with pertinent parties, the borough is able to handle any developmental expansion.
  • Mr. Marczewski wanted to offer the borough and its residents information on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) infection. (Personal note: Information can be found at link.

Robert Zeglarski, Sr.

  • As president of the Roselle-Roselle Park Rotary Club, he wanted to thank council for their participation in the annual Rotary Breakfast.
  • Mr. Zeglarski wanted to congratulate Police Chief Morrison on his appointment. Mr. Zeglarski stated that he remembers when he was mayor and appointed Mr. Morrison as a police officer in the borough.
  • Mr. Zeglarski wanted to confirm that the work being done on the 600 block of Chester Avenue was a reconstruction job. The council stated that it, in fact, was a reconstruction job.


  • A certificate was presented to Bill Smith for all his work with the Cerebral Palsy organization in Roselle Park.

Verbal Department Reports (cont’d)

Borough Clerk Report

  • The county is sending employees to go through the process of destroying records the borough no longer needs. This is a free service.
  • There is a proposal regarding outsourcing IT Support Services through Union County. Councilman Badillo stated this proposal could save the borough $18,000

CFO Report

  • Nothing of note to report. On a personal level, Mr. Kenneth Blum and his wife wanted to thank the council and the borough for thoughts and prayers.

DPW Report

  • The DPW wanted to remind residents that leaves should not be piled on the streets.
  • The issue with the sewer between Roosevelt and Willow Avenues is being addressed.
  • The sewer truck is presently out of service but there is a truck from another municipality that is a back-up.
  • The council congratulated Mr. Wirzbicki for his national award of DPW Superintendent of the Year.

Minutes To be Approved, Pending Any Corrections

  • The motion was moved, voted on, and carried.

The Motion that Bills & Payrolls Not Be Read and Motion that Bills & Payrolls Be Passed For Payment were all voted on and carried.

There was a public hearing for Year 34 of the Community Development Block Grant Application Proposals. Mr. Magiera wanted to know if there was sewer money available through the grant. He stated that the state has $15 billion available.

Ordinances for Second Reading

  • Ordinance 2227. Mr. Magiera asked to have the ordinance elaborated in the public forum. An overview of the ordinance was given. Mr. Mageira asked why 2008 was on twice with different rates. He was informed that the first rate was for the first eight (8) hours. the second rate was for any time after that at time & a half. The Mayor asked where the fee mentioned in Section C regarding police cars went. He was notified that it goes to the borough. The ordinance was moved, voted on, and adopted.
  • Ordinance 2228. Mr. Magiera asked to have the ordinance elaborated in the public forum. An overview of the ordinance was given. A point was made that new officers must pay into their insurance.
  • Ordinance 2229. Mr. Magiera asked to have the ordinance elaborated in the public forum and to have the dollar figures explained. He was informed there were no new dollar figures – the ordinance was an amendment to correct an oversight in a crossroad section. Mr. Magiera asked what the interest rates was for the bond that would be presented at a bond sale. He was informed that the rate would be dependent on the public bid of the bond sale. The ordinance was moved, voted on, and adopted.

Ordinances for First Reading

  • Ordinance 2230. Councilman Yakubov wanted to comment that he would like to put together a listing of common borough codes to have them available, on paper, at the Casano Center and other municipal buildings. The ordinance was moved, voted on, and introduced.
  • Ordinance 2231. The Mayor requested a clarification regarding appointments and moving them from the middle of the year to the beginning of the year. Amid the discussion of Committee appointments and Commission appointments, Councilman Harms asked if it would be best to table the ordinance until a there is a clearer written understanding of the differences between Committee and Commission appointment and the possible major changes they could affect. A vote was called by Councilman Harms after some debate with regard to tabling the ordinance or continuing it with to see if major changes should stop it from going to second reading. A vote was taken with a 3-2 vote to introduce the ordinance. Councilmen Harms and Yakubov voted ‘No’.
  • Ordinance 2232. The ordinance was moved,voted on, and introduced.


  • Resolution 246-07 was pulled from consensus by Councilman Badillo, Reolution 251-07 was already addressed at the start of the meeting, and Resolution 252-07 was pulled from Consensus by Mayor Joseph DeIorio.
  • Resolutions 244-07, 245-07, 248-07, 249-07, 250-07, and 253-07 were moved, voted on, and approved.
  • Resolution 246-07 was moved, voted on, and approved with Councilman Badillo abstaining.
  • Resolution 252-07 was moved, voted on, and approved.

The meeting went into closed session, having one (1) item regarding Roselle Park DP LLC v. Roselle Park.

The meeting was adjourned.