RP M&C Meeting (February 7, 2008)

On February 7, 2008, in Mayor & Council, Video, by RP Citizens

Mayor and all council members were in attendance.

Presentation by American Cancer Society

The meeting opened with a presentation from Maria Del Rio in relation with the American Cancer Society / Relay For Life. She spoke of the effects on cancer and presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Mayor Joseph DeIorio. She made a request to have the “Relay For Life” signs placed throughout the borough. She offered information on a cancer study to be held in Roselle Park during the “Relay For Life” between June 7th and 8th. Mrs. Del Rio opened an invitation for teams to form and participate as there are teams that are being formed throughout Roselle Park (The Roselle Park Library, the fire houses, the Pink Panthers, the high school, the middle school, etc.)


A request from the RPHS Marching Band was moved, voted on, and carried.

Report and Recommendations of Mayor

  • The Mayor spoke of the on-going efforts with the Romerovski property. He stated that residents may have read some articles regarding the situation but he asked that residents reach out to council and go on the Roselle Park web site to get information. The portrayal of the Borough are not fully truthful as presented in Star-Ledger articles as well as the type of developmental at the site. AvalonBay wants to put 310 apartments on site. The Borough wants AvalonBay, who is suing the borough, to present its plan to the residents. If the plans meet the needs of the community, the Borough has no objection to having the developer move on with its proposal. To that end, AvalonBay has agreed to have a meeting to reveal its plans before the public. The meeting is set for April 19th, 2008. [NOTE: This was later corrected to Wednesday, April 16th, 2008]

Report of Standing Committees and Other Mayor and Council Committees

Councilwoman Larissa Chen-Hoerning

  • Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning attended a pre-budget meeting with Councilman Modesto Miranda and Kenneth Blum. She stated it was a good primer on understanding the workings of a municipal budget.
  • The Girl Scout Blood Drive will be held on Saturday, February 9th, along with a pancake breakfast at the Roselle Park High School.
  • Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning wanted to thank all involved with the culvert work done on Chestnut Street.
  • The councilwoman attended that Mark Grasso Wrestling Benefit dinner.
  • Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning spoke on the Special meeting held on Monday, February 4th, which was not aired. She stated that she is a little bit concerned because she feels like it may turn into a bottomless pit. With the recession, it appears that the Borough has no leverage on the matter. She understands that Eminent Domain is an option but, if exercised, it will be costly to the borough. She encouraged residents to contact council and the Mayor on their thoughts.
  • She wanted to wish everyone who is celebrating, a Happy Lunar New Year.

Councilman Modesto Miranda

  • The councilman wanted to thank the DPW. There was a nuisance tree that he called into the DPW and, in ten (10) minutes, the matter was resolved.
  • The councilman wanted to notify residents that tax assistance will be made available through AARP to seniors from February 19th to April 15th at the Casano Community Center by appointment only from 1 pm to 4 pm. Anyone interested should call (908) 245-0666.
  • Councilman Miranda stated that he will be participating the Relay for Life and attended a function for the event.

Councilman Rick Matarante

  • The councilman attended the Public Safety meeting. The board was presented with a proposal for cameras to catch ‘red light runners’ pending the 90-day review for the new law passed in New Jersey. He passed out brochures from Redflex and asked council members to send questions and comments to the Borough Clerk; she can then forward them to Redflex. The system, which would be able to be used in court and for citations, would be of no cost to the Borough for purchase, maintenance, and repair. The cost for the system would come out of a percentage of summonses issued using the system. The system would await implementation until the Administrative Office of State Courts (AOC) defines legal issues with the new law.
  • There is one (1) issue for closed regarding personnel and contractual matters with respect to Chief Morrison. The Chief has been “Riced”.
  • The Public Safety meeting had discussions regarding the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) but the individual being discussed needs to be “Riced” before discussions can continue. The matter will be saved for the next meeting.
  • There were two (2) tabled motions that need to have closure. One was the return of borough vehicles – the other was about adding a second lieutenant’s position.
  • Police Chief Morrison approached the council to discuss the matter of adding another lieutenant. The Chief stated that the position is presently open yet unfilled. There would be a cost saving to the borough in dropping the first sergeant’s position. He asked council to fill the position since it has been unfilled for a year and a half. The savings would be $6,323 to the borough. The savings would come in the removal of a promotion from patrolman to sergeant and, instead, promote a sergeant to lieutenant. The cost is less for a promotion for a lieutenant than for one to a sergeant. This vote would be only to decide whether to proceed to have the position filled, not to appoint someone right at this moment. The mayor stated that there would be a need to adopt a resolution for the next meeting. He asked if there were any objections. There were none and the Chief was given the approval to move ahead. The council will have a resolution put together for the next meeting.
  • The next issue deals with the return of borough cars to the Police Chief and the Superintendent of Public Works. The Mayor stated he was opposed to the resolution. The issue was dealt with before and to reverse the decision made by council would be imprudent.
    • Councilman Ricky Badillo stated he understood the mayor’s stance but this resolution would also affect the volunteer fire department and fire deputies. The councilman stated that there was a fatality on Westfield Avenue and when the Police Chief responded to the scene, he was pulled over three (3) times on his way from his residence. He does not want to have fire chiefs delayed in response to a fire or other emergency. They receive a small stipend but that is nothing compared to a loss of life that could occur due to the delay in response. The vehicle usage could be monitored and the restrictions should be adhered to.
    • Mayor DeIorio stated that if this was the case, with the fire deputies being affected, it should have been addressed months ago. With regard to the fatality, when the Police Chief chose to respond to the incident, the status of the fatality would not have changed, and the police responded to the incident. The being pulled over could have been averted by calling in to police and having the Chief’s personal vehicle suited with lights. This resolution would not only reverse the Borough’s position but would also give the impression that new rules would be applied to a new person. The policy would be a bad one. What if a new employee in the future lived further, that would mean more miles and cost to the borough. There are alternate means available to address this situation. In the end, it is about spending taxpayer’s money.
    • Councilman Badillo stated that this policy would mean that the Police Chief would have to sit at home and not respond to an emergency in an efficient manner. Could a stipend address this.
    • Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning asked with respect to the light son the car, are there any legal issues to them in regard to liability to the borough. She wanted clarification on the lights that are being proposed. Do they give the Chief the right to go through intersections? She was notified by the Borough Attorney that emergency vehicles have to obey laws when approaching intersections. They must slow down and be careful when crossing. They must check to make sure there is safe passage, then proceed. The councilwoman wanted to know if the lights proposed would be the same as lights on a marked police cars with respect to liability? The answer was yes.
    • Councilman Laurence Dinardo asked if this resolution was limited to only the Police Chief and Public Works Superintendent or would there be more people who would be able to utilize borough vehicles outside the borough limits. He was notified that the discussion at the Public Safety meeting did not involve Deputy Fire Chiefs but the Fire Chief was discussed. Councilman Matarante stated that the recommendation for the vehicles cam with conditions.
    • Councilman Michael Yakubov asked if this issue will be brought up every year or every time that a new person fills the positions in question. The councilman stated that the officials should have confidence in their team to handle a situation until they arrive on scene. He does not believe the resolution is necessary. He is greatly thankful to all the emergency responders and police and public workers but he felt that this issue dealt with taxpayer money. With difficult times coming financially, this will cost residents money.
    • Councilman Badillo stated that volunteers are not full-time but themselves have full-time jobs. They respond when called to an emergency. If the borough had to hire six (6) firemen, the cost would be $2 million. Presently the borough has over 50 volunteers and he is thankful for that.
    • Councilman Matarante stated that public safety is not a game and he took offense to the implication made by Councilman Yakubov. The discussion turned into an argument. Councilman Matarante stated that the issue should be discussed on its merit, not on implications that there is something underhanded going on to accommodate the Police Chief or Superintendent. Councilman Yakubov closed with stating he thanked the volunteers of the borough.
    • The Mayor stated that the volunteer fire department are okay’ed for vehicles since the vehicles stay within the limits of the borough.
    • Councilman Badillo stated that if the council feels that the vehicle privilege is being abused, they violator(s) should be called before the board and held accountable. One person’s failure to comply with the practice should not affect the entire borough. The councilman requested that the council send this situation back to the Public Safety committee. Mayor DeIorio stated that, actually, the Public Safety Committee already has this information, and had it back when the practice and privilege was removed.
    • The Mayor asked if there were any additional comments. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to vote to return use of borough vehicles to the Police Chief and the Superintendent of Public Work. Councilman Dinardo asked about including conditions on the matter. Councilman Matarante requested that the vote be held tonight with the understanding that conditions would be addressed and included later on. The Mayor stated that the vote would be to move forward with the resolution to include conditions. Councilman Matarante wanted to make sure that the vote was for use of borough vehicles for emergency purposes. To add wording of ‘for use’ trivializes the matter.
    • A vote was called for and Councilmembers Matarante, Badillo, and Dinardo voted ‘yes’. Councilmembers Yakubov, Chen-Hoerning, and Miranda voted ‘no’. With the issue not resolved due to equal number of votes, the chair was called on to vote. Mayor DeIorio voted ‘no’ and the resolution was defeated.

Certifications / Proclamations

  • A Certificate of Recognition was presented to the Roselle Park Chapter of the National Honor Society for their volunteer efforts to help senior who needed assistance with raking and bagging their leaves.
  • A proclamation was presented to Mrs. Nancy Kinloch on behalf of “Read Across America”
  • A proclamation was read to recognize Arbor Day.

Public Comment

Robert Zeglarski, Sr.

  • Mr. Zeglarski stated his intention was to begin by speaking on the Ordinance to amend redevelopment but wanted to comment on the council discussion on use of borough vehicles. As a former mayor, he wanted to offer Mayor DeIorio some advice when matters get out of hand. He suggested that the Mayor use his gavel to rules members out of order. Mr. Zeglarski also questioned the timing of the proposed resolution. He stated that former Chief Wielgus had an SUV that he took home and asked if the practice of use of borough vehicles was a long-standing one and if the decision to remove the privilege was new. The Mayor stated that he has always been a gentleman and ,even during a heated exchange, he never takes matters personally and feels that after the discussions, those on council still remain friendly and personable to each other.
  • Mr. Zeglarski then commenced on his discussion regarding redevelopment. He stated that council has asked for public input and support but that the meeting on redevelopment was not televised and he felt the sentiment was a little ‘too little too late’. He asked why would Roselle Park take a working industrial site and re-zone it. The Mayor stated that one (1) tool used in state law is to make a site ‘an area in need of redevelopment’. The Borough had left the site as industrial and the property owner, Mr. Israel Braunstein, was not receiving any response nor interest on his property. The tool to re-zone had been used in communities throughout the state. When the borough took it upon itself to make an attempt to re-zone the property, the property owner received several offers. AvalonBay happened to be the most lucrative and the process initialized between the Borough and Mr. Braunstein was terminated.
    • Mr. Zeglarski stated that during the campaign to redevelop, the planners hired (Heyer, Gruel & Associates) focused on the Sullivan property and the Romerovski. He asked why, during the process, did the planner not guide the Borough through the process. Mr. Zeglarski asked if the planner did not know that Fair Share Housing Plans were inconsistent with the Development Plan. He asked what planner would advise the Borough to only build condominiums and Co-ops only. Mr. Zeglarski stated he was pointing to the planner, not eh council, for the poor advice. Now there is a cost of $200,000 and Mr. Zeglarski asked the Borough to dismiss the planner and take legal action to retrieve lost monies due to poor advice.
    • The Mayor responded to Mr. Zeglarski’s comments. With regard to holding the planner liable, the Mayor stated that is was only until the day that the borough was to introduce its Fair Share Housing requirements that the developer sued. The alternative to fighting is simple, the Borough will lose. Mayor DeIorio stated that he welcomes input from the public but urges the residents not to use language nor statements that can be used against the Borough in court.

Saul Qersdyn

  • Mr. Qersdyn stated that, in order to avoid further heated argument on council, perhaps the council should review and look to Robert’s Rules of Order for protocol.
  • Mr. Qersdyn wanted to let council know how a resident took the issue of the borough vehicles and how it could bring about an air of distrust with council and offer ammunition to anyone with an axe to grind to use the proposed resolution needlessly.
  • Mr. Qersdyn stated he would start some sort of resident information source on the Romerovski / AvalonBay developer issue and give information at the next meeting. He was informed that the correct date of the AvalonBay presentation meeting was April 16th, not April 19th.

Glenn Marczewski

  • Mr. Marczewski asked if the Mayor had seen the last council meeting on television. The Mayor stated no and Mr. Marczewski stated he felt insult and that a councilmember was out of order when he came up to speak during the public portion. He stated that the treatment by council is what deters public participation.
  • Mr. Marczewski stated that there are still holes on his street that have not been taken care of and that there are trees that have not been cut down.
  • Mr. Marczewski asked about fuel cost for borough vehicles. CFO Ken Blum stated he did not have those figures at the moment but would be willing to make them available.

Suzanne Kinloch

  • Ms Kinloch spoke on the “Relay For Life” and the associated Cancer Study. She continued with the information provided earlier by Maria DelRio, The Roselle Park Relay For Life will be held on June 7th and 8th at the High School Track. She stated that Roselle Park was the first town in Union County to become involved in Relay. They have always had the support of members of Mayor and Council past and present since 1997. This will be Ms. Kinloch’s 11th year involved in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. She wanted to thank all members of the Roselle Park Council since 1997 for their continued support of the events.
    • She stated that Relay is not just an event but a happening. Relay takes place in communities across the United States. It is a wonderful opportunity for the community to join together in the Fight Against Cancer! For more information about the Relay For Life – Roselle Park, to start a team, join a team, general information or to make donations you can visit Roselle Park’s Relay website at http://events.cancer.org/RFLroselleparkNJ
    • There are many reasons that people Relay. Many Relay for someone they know – to honor them or to remember them. At the Roselle Park Relay, residents will have another way to honor and remember that someone special. She wanted to ask “Who Is YOUR Reason To Relay?”
    • What if residents could honor loved ones affected by cancer by participating in research that will help understand the factors that prevent cancer and save more lives faster? This year ONLY – residents have that opportunity! Enrollment for the 3rd Cancer Prevention Study of the American Cancer Society(ACS) will take place at Roselle Park’s Relay For Life.
    • She spoke of the Cancer Prevention Study (CPS-3) and gave details on it. The Purpose of CPS-3 is, in 2007 alone, more than 1.4 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer, and more than 559,000 people will die of the disease. To better understand ways to PREVENT cancer, the American Cancer Society’s Department of Epidemiology and Surveillance Research is recruiting 500,000 adults across the United States and Puerto Rico for a new research study called the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3). Enrollment will take place at select Relay For Life events such as Roselle Park’s.
    • CPS-3 will help us better understand the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that cause or prevent cancer. It will also help us Ultimately eliminate cancer as a major health concern.
    • Residents are eligible to participate in CPS-3 if they are between 30 and 65 years old – have never been diagnosed with cancer – are willing to make a long-term commitment to the study, which simply involves completing periodic follow-up surveys. Enrollment in the CPS-3 study is simple, it’s a two-phase process. One phase takes place at home and the other takes place at the Relay For Life. Initial sign up is at the Relay for Life/Roselle Park and participants will be asked to read and sign an informed consent form – complete a brief written survey – provide a waist measurement and give a small blood sample (similar to a doctor’s visit) that will be drawn by a trained, certified phlebotomist. At home, participants will complete a more detailed survey. This survey will ask for information on lifestyle, behavioral, and other factors related to participant’s health.
    • The American Cancer Society(ACS) will continue to mail follow-up surveys periodically asking you to update your information. CPS-3 is not a clinical study, thus participants will not receive individual blood test results. If you have specific concerns, you should consult your doctor prior to participation. The ACS will send annual newsletters to inform you of the ongoing research from Cancer Prevention Studies.
    • Ms. Kinloch wanted to residents you about some of the history of the American Cancer Society’s follow-up studies. The ACS follow-up studies first started in the 1950s and have played a major role in cancer prevention in various national and international efforts.
    • Some key findings from previous studies include: the first to show the link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer – the first to show the significant impact of obesity on risk of dying from cancer – the first to show the link between aspirin use and lower risk of colon cancer – the demonstrated impact of physical activity, diet, hormone use, other medications and vitamins, and various other factors in relation to cancer risk – the substantial impact of air pollution on heart and lung conditions, which motivated the Environmental Protection Agency to propose more stringent limits on air pollution.
    • The ACS considers Confidentiality of the utmost importance. They will make every effort to protect the privacy of study participants. We have multiple procedures in place to safeguard personal information that is collected.
    • This is a wonderful opportunity for people to help Eradicate Cancer! CPS-3 participation will be June 7th from 5:30 – 9:30pm at the Relay for Life – Roselle Park, for more information you can contact our ACS staff, Robin Kraft at (973) 736-7771 ext. 205.
    • Ms. Kinloch wanted to thank Jake Magiera for sending the information about the toxic chemicals from the airplanes flying over Roselle Park to our ACS staff. Information such as this can help with the CPS-3 study.
    • Ms. Kinloch wanted to personally thank the many members of the Roselle Park community who have shown their support for Relay For Life for the past 11 years. It has been wonderful to see the community join together in this fight against cancer.
    • Ms. Kinloch encouraged everyone to find out more information about Relay by going to the website which is again http://events.cancer.org/RFLrosellepark.nj. Residents can also call Robin Kraft at (973) 736-7771 ext. 205 and keep an eye out for the many members of the Roselle Park Relay Committee such as Laura Hahn, Maria DelRio or herself around town. She stated that she does her best to be seen wearing purple. Speaking of Purple, as the time draws closer to the Relay For Life, residents will see the “POWER OF PURPLE” come alive in Roselle Park. Purple ribbons, lights and more as everyone gets ready to Relay.
    • Ms. Kinloch wanted take some time to announce that The Rotary Club of Roselle-Roselle Park will be holding their 23rd Annual Spaghetti Dinner, at the Community United Methodist Church located at Chestnut & East Grant Ave (Roselle Park), on Saturday, March 29th between the hours of 3:00 and 7:00pm. All the proceeds from this event will benefit the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Roselle Park. She wanted to personally thank the members of the Rotary Club for joining in the Fight Against Cancer and for supporting the Relay in Roselle Park.
    • Ms. Kinloch finished with what Councilman Miranda stated earlier as the Theme of Relay this year is
      • Celebrate (for our Cancer Survivors)
      • Remember (those who have lost their Cancer Battle)
      • Fight Back (join together to Eradicate Cancer)

Jacob Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera stated that he remembers when there were two (2) police captains. He sees no harm in having a second lieutenant as long as there remains one (1) captain.
  • Mr. Magiera stated with relation to the borough vehicle issue that the vehicles could be signed out and brought back when not in use.
  • Mr. Magiera asked when the next budget meeting will be held. Mr. Blum stated he will send out an e-mail to councilmembers to solidify a date.
  • Mr. Magiera asked why the special meeting was not televised nor why the Pledge of Allegiance nor prayer was done before the meeting.
  • Mr. Magiera asked the Mayor to please explain ‘condemnation’. The Mayor stated that condemnation was a tool available to the Borough to proceed in matters with Roselle Park VP, LLC since the judge stated that barring condemnation, the borough could not refuse a developer from using its plan.
  • Mr. Magiera stated that he was originally opposed to apartment with relation to AvalonBay because of the impact to the community. He gotten figures since then with regard to the implied influx of children with relation to apartments. In Roselle Park, there are presently 1,348 apartments and there are Of all those apartments, 94 children go to borough schools. He stated that on page 20 of Roselle Park’s “New Direction” proposal, there was a study based on the seven (7) largest units, there were 1,744 units and 174 children attending borough schools. He stated that the report made it seem like there was an influx of school-age children but, based on his research, that number was incorrect.
  • Mr. Magiera asked if the apartments proposed by AvalonBay be ready in 2 to 3 years. The Mayor stated that the Borough does not know since the plans have not been presented from the developer.
  • Mr. Magiera asked what will happen with tax appeals if the development is apartments. If the developer is not able to rent all units, will there be tax appeals. The mayor stated that the developer could also sell its interest to another party if that were the case. Mr. Magiera stated that the borough has lost millions to tax appeals from other landlords and that means that taxpayers will be subsidizing apartments. He wanted to know how the Borough got suckered into the deal.
  • Mr. Magiera read from his latest FAA Report [LINK]
  • In conclusion, Mr. Magiera stated that a donnybrook every once and a while is good. It keeps everyone awake.

The Borough Attorney responded to Mr. Magiera’s comments. The Borough did not open the option to use condemnation until the opinion ruling from the judge on the matter. The Borough has been put between a rock and a hard place but the situation, as it stands, is something that the Borough could not foresee. Councilman Badillo made a comment about condemnation. When the Borough entered into an agreement with Mr. Braunstein, the Borough refused the request by the property owner to remove its right to use condemnation. The Mayor stated that the Borough wants to allow the public to decide about development. If the community decides and agrees with the plan, the developer can move on once accepted.

Reports of Departments

Borough Clerk

  • The Borough Ordinance Code Book is now online and available for residents to utilize.
  • Mrs. Cali went to Trenton to inquire on Transit Funds that might be available to the Borough ($73,000)
  • Mrs. Cali attended a Scotch Plains meeting regarding (Americans with Disabilities Act) ADA compliance for borough buildings. Presently, the library and borough hall are in need of ADA access. Seeing as there was a suggestion of only have one addressed, borough hall will have ADA access doors.

Kenneth Blum

  • Mr. Blum will be e-mailing councilmembers to schedule a budget meeting. He also commented on the workshop on budgets for the new councilmembers.

Police Department

  • Since September, pedestrian details have been assigned to monitor motorists who fail to yield to pedestrians. It has been a success in curbing such instances. There are some complaints about failing to yield at Locust and Webster and the Chief expects to have similar success with those details.
  • On March 1st, cell phone usage will become a primary violation. Special details will be assigned to monitor that. The Mayor asked if bluetooth is considered ‘hands-free’. He was notified that, yes, it was hands-free usage.
  • Councilman Badillo re-iterated the issue of failure to yield on Lincoln Avenue. He stated that councilman Matarante almost got hit by a vehicle. Councilman Badillo also attended the Cracker Barrel meeting and wanted to speak with the Police Chief on having a drop-off area at the Aldene School. He also stated that if tickets and citations are going down, that means that the police are doing a great job at curtailing moving violations throughout the borough.

Department of Public Works

  • Mr. Wirzbicki submitted his report and stated that he was not aware of holes on Mr. Marczewski’s street. He stated that the tree problem brought to his attention was taken care of.
  • The DPW is getting trimming done.
  • Councilman Miranda wanted to again thank the DPW for responding to the Warren Avenue issue.

Report of Standing Committees and Other Mayor and Council Committees (cont’d)

Councilman Ricky Badillo

  • Councilman Badillo wanted to thank the Mayor for allowing him to represent the Borough at a meeting Governor Corzine had on the proposed toll plan. He commented that New Jersey has gone from a state that wanted to eliminate tolls to one wanting more tolls. He stated that the problem with gimmicks in Trenton get people to agree to situations. One example was with the lottery that was supposed to go to education now is put into the general transportation fund.
  • The councilman attended the Pinewood Derby and he wants to present a certificate to the organizer and participants.
  • Councilman Badillo attended the Knights of Columbus foul shot contest at the Boys & Girls Club. He had a good time but wanted to see if there could be more publicity for next year.
  • Little League sign-ups are going on. Anyone concerned with limited funding should not worry. No one will be turned away.
  • Councilman Badillo asked about placing a banner and was told that due to a resident’s complaint, the banner will be across Chestnut Street.
  • The councilman attended the County Finals for Wrestling in Union. Roselle Park placed six (6) finalists. He wanted the those participants recognized.
  • He wanted to thank everyone for a great dinner in honor of Mark Grasso.
  • The councilman wanted to have the volunteer firemen come in for recognition.
  • The councilman was invited to attended the Pop Warner football dinner.
  • Both he and Councilman Yakubov worked in cleaning up Valley Road. There was been an order signed to allow SLAP to clean up at the public safety meeting.
  • The councilman took part in mediation with regard to the Romerovski property. The Borough has always insisted on a public process. Up until last night, AvalonBay insisted on not giving up a plan. AvalonBay caved in and will present their plan on April 19th. After that meeting, there will be a 60-day mediation where each side will have a mediation team. Because of erroneous information in the Star-Ledger, the master was upset at comment published. AvalonBay denied that they gave the newspaper any information. The councilman stated that once matters enter mediation again, there will be a gag order on the process again.

Councilman Michael Yakubov

  • The Borough signed a contract with the county for IT services and already it is paying off. The Borough had a problem and the county responded in a half hour.
  • The councilman mentioned a year ago an idea similar to Redflex. He believed it is a good idea to reduce speeding.
  • The councilman wanted to commend Mr. Carl Plucchino who donated bags for the National Honor Society clean up.
  • The councilman stated that the people responsible for addressing problems with trees act very quickly and commendably.
  • The councilman made mention of the Valley Road clean up.
  • The DPW has reached out to residents on Grove Street to address issues they have been having.
  • The councilman made mention of the Neighborhood Watch meeting that will occur on Friday, February 8th, at 7 pm in borough hall.
  • Councilman Yakubov spoke of his initiative to address environmental issues with a meeting on February 20th at 8 pm entitled “Roselle Park Goes Green”.

Councilman Laurence Dinardo

  • The councilman attended and enjoyed the wrestling dinner to honor Mark Grasso. Hew even won a fishing pole at the dinner.
  • Councilman Dinardo mentioned the Neighborhood Watch program and stated that there is a 100 day dance going on at Sherman School which might affect attendance but the meeting will be held regardless for those interested.
  • The floor for the Casano Center has been delivered. The councilman is asking for volunteers to help paint and place floor tiling. Mrs. Intile will have a date and allow the public to help.

A motion was made to have the Reports of Departments accepted. The motion was voted on and approved.

A motion was made to have Minutes To Be Approved Pending Any Corrections approved. The motion was voted on and approved with Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning abstaining, stating she was not on council during the dates being approved.

A motion was made to have Bills and Payments Not Read and Passed. The motion was voted on and approved.

Ordinances For Second Reading

Ordinance 2233

  • The public portion was open with Mr. Jake Magiera asking to have the ordinance explained. The ordinance allows fee to be charged for private parties and individuals. Mr. Magiera asked if there were any restrictions, like alcohol. He was notified it was a public building and that there is a resolution in place which forbids alcohol.
  • The ordinance was moved, voted on, and approved.

Ordinance 2234

  • The public portion was open with Mr. Jake Magiera asking to have the ordinance explained. The ordinance changes the fees of all new meters from $0.25 for every hour to $0.25 for every half hour. Mr. Magiera suggested that meters be placed in the lot next door to the borough hall since there has not been any rate of return on a property that cost $1 million to acquire. The Mayor stated that an offer was made to rent out spaces in the lot but there was no interest. The purpose of the lot was to provide a cost benefit to municipal employees who used to take up spaces in the borough hall parking lot which would cause congestion and problems during court and tax season. The mayor stated he would take the idea under advisement.
  • The ordinance was moved, voted on, and approved.

Ordinances For Introduction

Ordinance 2237

  • Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning asked if there was anyone in mind for the position of Housing Liaison. Ms. Cali stated that this position will be part of her job description in order to fulfill the borough’s Fair Share Housing requirements. The borough will join the county’s Home Program and the borough will attempt to enter into a shared-services type program in using a consultant for the program.
  • Councilman Dinardo asked if there is compensation for these duties. He was informed that yes this will be added to the Borough Clerk’s duties.
  • The ordinance was moved on, voted, and introduced.

Ordinance 2238

  • The ordinance was moved on, voted, and introduced.


  • Resolution 77-08 was pulled from consensus by Council Dinardo.
  • Resolutions 65-08 through 76-08 and 78-08 through 80-08 were moved, voted on, and confirmed.
  • Councilman Dinardo asked if the Borough still has the grant money need to complete the resolution. He was notified that they were still available.

Matters For Referral to Committee or Council


Two matters were referred to closed session regarding contractual matters with Police Chief Morrison and Roselle Park VP, LLC vs. Roselle Park.

The meeting was adjourned at 2234 Hours.