RP M&C Meeting (July 19, 2007)

On July 19, 2007, in Mayor & Council, Video, by RP Citizens

The members in attendance were Councilmen Badillo, Dinardo, Rubilla, and Yakubov. Kenneth Blum, Doreen Cali, and Vince Loughlin, a representative from William Lane’s office were the remaining attendees. Councilman Badillo ran the meeting with a quorum reached. Councilman Matarante joined the meeting while it was in progress.

A moment of silence was observed for Michael Wrizbicki and Jerry Di Fabrisio.

A certificate was awarded to Hexacon Electric Company, a company who has been in Roselle Park for 75 years, since June 15, 1939.

The communications were read for a block party on Hemlock (July 28, 2007) and use of the gazebo for “The Game of Skate” (July 31 or August 2). Both requests were voted on and approved.

The Reports and Recommendations Of the mayor were read. Councilman Badillo displayed a conceptual drawing of the repairs to be done to the Westbrook stream (between East Clay and Grant Avenues). The plan has been submitted to the DEP and the borough is waiting for permission from the DEP to proceed with the project. A rendering of improvements to Acker Park was presented. The proposed drawing will be in Borough Hall for residents to view. There are proposals for a grilling area, restrooms, and other additions. The proposed cost for renovations is $500,000 but the borough is applying for a Kids Recreation Trust Grant through Union County to aid or cover the cost of the renovations, along with any funds provided through the Green Acres project. Councilman Matarante will be holding a public meeting at Acker Park to have the residents provide input and comments on Acker Park renovations. The Neighborhood Watch was mentioned (details of the meeting are at “In The Neighborhood” entry). Councilmen Badillo and Yakubov attended the RSVA Privatization meeting Wednesday. Councilman badillo stated that he was against the privatization. Finally, the Little League tournament ended Saturday.

Mrs. Cali read the Reports of Departments.

  1. The generator for the First Aid squad would either be awarded or a bid would be put out at the next meeting.
  2. The award for the Fire Department bathroom was being awarded tonight (Resolution 179-07).
  3. The renewal of Alcoholic Beverage Retail License for American Legion Post 60 was being awarded with conditions in Resolution 180-07. Some of the conditions were: All rentals with a capacity of over 50 people must hire an off-duty police officer at the prevailing rate; all hall rental functions must cease at midnight; and no amplified music permitted after midnight.
  4. The Street Fair (Resolution 181-07) was being awarded to happen on October 21. Amendments to the contract were addressed and formalized to have clean-up and waste disposal remain the responsibility of the vendor. Additionally, police and security would be paid at the prevailing rate, thereby applying no cost to the borough.

Councilmen’s Reports

  • Councilman Dinardo made mention of the Neighborhood Watch program. He, along with councilman Yakubov, will be putting together another date to move the program forward.
  • Councilman Rubilla mentioned the initiative proposed the NJDOT concerning the No Turn On Red at McDonald’s. The DOT reviewed the application and will come out to address the borough’s concern and make the area safer.
  • Councilman Yakubov stated that the Post Office re-painted all the vandalized mailboxes. He mentioned that 32 people attended the Neighborhood Watch program. He spoke with officer Antonucci about some problems with speeding in the 5th ward. He also brought up an issue of graffiti, dirt, and garbage in the grove area behind the high school He has written a letter to the Board of education to have them address the matter. Councilman Yakubov visited the Roselle Park museum and discussed the renovations going on there. Finally, he wanted to thank the residents for being patient while repaving was being done on Chestnut Street.
  • Councilman Rubilla stated that he also received positive critique by neighbors about the job done by the contractor. He mentioned that striping has already begun and that it should be done by Monday.
  • Councilman Matarante spoke of the Financial Extraordinary Aid applied by the borough to the state so that the borough could go forward with the budget. The borough asked for $250,000 – last year the borough received $100,000. The state should respond by the end of the month. August 8th is National Night Out and the fireworks will also occur on that night. He asked if the BOE has approved that date and he was told they have. In addition to all that is schedule, the councilman is looking into seeing if a “Movie in the Park” can be presented before the fireworks. The borough will get in contact with Fanwood, which had a “Movie in the Park” event, to see what is involved. Finally he re-iterated the proposed plan for Acker Park and the public forum meeting that he will conduct on it.

The Report of Departments were submitted.

The minutes for past meetings were voted on and approved.

Bills and Payrolls were voted on and approved.

Ordinances 2214, 2215, and 2216 were adopted on first reading, read, and passed.

Resolutions 175-07 through 181-07 were read, voted on, and passed.

Vince Loughlin mentioned that there was one matter before the council that was reserved for closed session.

The Public Portion of the meeting started with Glen Marcheski asking if any council member belonged to a private organization. When asked for clarification, Glen gave the Knights of Columbus as an example. Four councilmen raised their hands. Glen then spoke about the helmet program for the kid sin town. He ended with wanting to know how one gets on the ballot for elections. He was instructed by the Borough Clerk on the procedures for getting on the ballot.

Nick Pagnetti went up and stated he had sent a letter to the mayor and council. He spoke about how a few years ago the borough made a commitment to the Historical Society, and that plans were even given to an architect but then nothing else came of it. He asked about the garages behind the Municipal building that were once private garages but then were taken over by the borough under Eminent Domain. Mr. Pagenetti stated that the garages are going unused and all that it is housing is an unused ambulance. He would like the Historical Society to move into the garage so the borough could stop paying $7,000 a year in rent to the storefront that presently houses the Roselle Park Museum. Recently, the Historical Society has had to cut back on acceptance of things such as historical documents, and working Victrola,and foot-pumped organ, and a handmade ship model – all donated from Roselle Park residents. Things are beginning to be stored in the houses of Historical Society members due to the lack of space at the storefront. The storefront is uninspiring and not attracting new members – the facility is too little. The Historical Society needs the garage in order to keep expanding. He asked why the garage is not presently used or if there is a better proposed use for the garage. Councilman Badillo stated that the budget is not finalized (awaiting the Extraordinary Aid response from the state) and there may be a use for their garage within the budget. He stated that voluntarism is down with OEM, first aid, and even the Historical Society. Councilman Badillo stated that he has no problem with considering the use of the garage for the Historical Society but that everyone should wait until the budget is finalized before moving forward. Councilman Matarante suggested that at the next Public Safety meeting (August 2), OEM be invited to see if they have plans for the garage. Nick stated that there is a new trailer that can be used as OEM headquarters which would free up the garage facility. Nick then elaborated on the Historical Society, stating that he and his wife take videos and pictures around town. They also maintain a record of the pictures taken for awards and certificates. The Historical Society basically documents the history of Roselle Park, performing a vital service, and they need help.

Having no other residents present at the meeting go up to speak, the public portion was recessed at 8:24 p.m., in case someone arrived up to 8:30 to speak. In the interim, the council wanted to award the residents of Hemlock Street a certificate for having their 10th Annual Block Party. Councilman Matarante wanted to get information from the borough engineer about the cost for curbing on Prospect. Councilman Yakubov wanted to amend an ordinance to address any graffiti in town. He would get in touch with the code enforcement official. The council spoke of looking into Hillside’s ordinance on illegal apartments to use it as a platform to address the problem in Roselle Park.

At 8:30 p.m., with no further business and no member of the public wanting to come forward to speak, the meeting was adjourned.