RP M&C Meeting (June 5, 2008)

On June 5, 2008, in Mayor & Council, Video, by RP Citizens

Mayor and council were in attendance with the exception of councilman Yakubov who arrived during the meeting. These notes are from the Certificates/Proclamations and the Reports of Standing Committees forward.


All requests were moved, voted on, and approved.


  • Certificates were presented to winners of the Recycling Essay contest, the Roselle Park Junior Varsity Softball team (15-0 season), and the cast and crew of RPHS “Anything Goes”.

The mayor wanted to remind all in attendance that the “Relay For Life” will be on Saturday, June 7, and the townwide garage sale will be on Saturday, June 14.

The mayor noticed that the time was 8:30 pm and the public portion is scheduled for that time but wanted to see if it could be postponed until the preceding agenda items were conducted. Councilman Badillo stated that he thought the public portion should be held at 8:30 pm.
Public Portion

Jacob Magiera

    • Mr. Magiera congratulated all the recipients of certificates for the evening.
    • Mr. Magiera asked if there was a public announcement regarding the evening’s budget meeting. The mayor stated that the meeting notice had been advertised. mr. Magiera asked when the next budget meeting is scheduled. He was informed that it is scheduled for June 12th at 6 pm.
    • Mr. Magiera stated that the Historical Society, addressed by Mr. Pagnetti at the last council meeting, should be housed a the library where an addition could be built.
    • Mr. Magiera asked if the townwide garage sale is restricted to only those participants who paid the fee or can anyone have a yard sale. The mayor stated that although the borough does not have a fee requirement for yard sales, the advantage of participating officially on the 14th is that those who paid the fee will have their address noted on a townwide map. The mayor also stated that bulk waste will be on the 19th and 20th but no items can be left out until the day before the pick-ups.
    • Mr. Magiera asked if the council had a copy of the federal stimulus rebate information packet and offered to give council a copy of it. residents can apply until August but they must file a tax return first.
    • Mr. Magiera wanted to thank all those who attended the Memorial Day parade.
    • Mr. Magiera asked on the amount given during the budget meetings regarding the tax increase per household being $155 for a house assessed at $65,000 – with $113 of that being state mandated – bringing the borough increase to $42. Mr. Magiera asked what went into the mandated costs. They included PERS, contractual obligations, as well as a lodd of $175,000 in state aid.
    • Mr. Magiera asked if there is a compensation package for police officers whose spouse has insurance where the officer can opt out and receive $5,000. The answer was yes, since the compensation will be less than the cost to cover an employee ($12,000 – $13,000) Councilman Badillo stated that the school district has a similar arrangement.
    • M.r Magiera asked about background on Elizabeth McKenize, the Master (moderator) of mediation between the Borough of Roselle Park and AvalonBay and Israel Braunstein. He asked if Ms. McKenzie is pro-development. The council responded that they do not know much other than she is the court appointed master who has mediated on similar issues, has experience in planning, and is certified by the court. Mr. Magiera restated his observation of Ms. McKenzie speaking in a familiar tone with Mr. Lidell outside the Borough Hall on April 16th, the evening of the AvalonBay presentation.
    • Mr. Magiera asked why councilman Matarante was not presented his certificate. The mayor stated that the councilman had his certificate mailed to his house. Mr. Magiera read the certificate publicly which read:
  • The certifies that Rick Matarante, 2nd Ward Councilman, is presented the Mayor’s Outstanding Civic Contribution Award for foregoing your salary during your work commitment. A Community possesses no greater treasure than the dedicated service of its people. I extend my gratitude and appreciation and wish you good health, happiness and success in the years ahead.
  • Mr. Magiera stated that the councilman joins two (2) other councilmen who refused a pay increase in 1991 – Mr. Kasmerovski and Mr. Magiera.
  • Mr. Magiera read from the Union County Air Traffic & Noise (UCATAN) report.

Glenn Marczewski

  • Mr. Marczewski asked if any councilmembers had business sense. The mayor stated that his family owned gas station and his mother has owned a deli for 20 years. Mr. Marczewski asked due to the lawsuits that have happened. The mayor stated that the borough has not brought lawsuits but that others have sued the Borough and the Borough takes steps to defend itself. Additionally, the borough is mandated to defend employees when they are sued in the performance of their duties. Mr. Marczewski stated that other municipalities have their police defend themselves or they put a cap on how much is spent on their defense, like Newark. Councilman Miranda, a Newark police officer, stated that is not the case – Newark defends its police legally without a cap.
  • Mr. Marczewski asked about the turn out in Roselle Park for the primaries. He asked why there was such a large turnout for Elizabeth in comparison to Roselle Park. The mayor stated that Elizabeth is such a strongly Democratic city that the elections are won and lost during the primaries.
  • Mr. Marczewski brought to the attention of council baseball heart protectors so they can be used during Little League and other youth baseball games.

Suzanne Kinloch

    • Ms. Kinloch spoke on the Relay For Life, which is Saturday, June 7, 2008, starting at 6 pm at the Roselle Park High School track. She stated the Relay committee has been working hard to ensure everything is ready for all participants: cancer survivors, caregivers, family, friends, supporters, and residents. There will be lots of activities planned, including “Dance In The Stars” – they are still looking for “shining Local Stars” to volunteer for the event. Laura Hahn, the Entertainment Director is doing a good job and the band 1.21 Gigawatts will be playing 80s music as well as other activities.
    • Ms. Kinloch gave a personal account regarding the Relay For Life:
  • This CPS study is critical in helping finding lifestyle, genetic and environmental links that cause Cancer or prevent it. Across the nation the ACS is looking for 550,000 participants and sign up is only available to a select Relay For Life Events and Roselle Park’s location has been chosen to be a sign up location.
    As a 29 year multiple cancer survivor I can only attempt to pass along to you through personal conversations we’ve had and emails my passion and spirit to Find A Cure For Cancer. I truly believe that through research and studies such as CPS-3 are the only way to find ways to end this disease.
    I can also tell you that when I was diagnosed with cancer at age 8, there was no immediate family history of cancer so I consider my diagnosis kind of “out of the blue.” I can also tell you that in Roselle Park at the time of my diagnosis of Leukemia I wasn’t alone, there were a few other children that also were diagnosed with cancer at our young age. Was it where we played? Was it what we were eating? What was it in our lifestyle and habits that cause cancer to “trigger” inside us? I would love to have those answers, but for me, well…. that’s the past.
    This is the present, and CPS-3 can help find these “triggers” and your participation can help others in the future. For me, well that’s something I consider worth a small amount of your time to sign up and fill out questionnaires from the ACS every now and then in this long-term study.
    To sign up for this Cancer Prevention Study-3 all you need to do is come to Relay For Life-Roselle Park, Saturday, June 7th between the hours of 5:30 and 9:30pm. You would need to be between the ages of 30 and 65, never been personally diagnosed with cancer, fill out a small questionnaire, give a waist measurement and a small blood sample (will not be used for medical testing).
    A few months later, you’ll receive another questionnaire and then they will come intermittently overtime.
    If you move, that’s OK…. this is not a local study. This is not a drug study so not to worry about taking any kind of medication, nor will you be asked to check in with a doctor.
    For more information about CPS-3 visit this website www.cancer.org/cps3

    If you would like to Pre-Register, please contact me and I can sign you up! You still have to come to Relay to give the measurements and small blood sample.

    In reference to the upcoming Relay For Life……there are many reasons that people Relay. Many Relay for someone they know, to honor them, to remember them. At the Roselle Park Relay for Life you will have another way to honor and remember these very special people.

    I finish by asking you…..”Who Is YOUR Reason To Relay?” What if you could honor them by participating in research that will help understand the factors that prevent cancer and save more lives faster? This year ONLY, you have that opportunity by enrollment in the 3rd Cancer Prevention Study of the American Cancer Society.

Report and Recommendations of the Mayor

  • The mayor related to the public www.njcleanenergy.com for information on rebates, cost-saving tips, and other suggestions to save energy cost.
  • The mayor and council received notice from the state that the deadlines for the Homestead Rebate for senior citizens and the senior freeze program have been extended to August 15th. The Homestead Rebate for all other citizens has also been extended.
  • The mayor wanted to thank all those who inquired about his 100-mile bike ride in Long Island. He completed it to raise awareness and donations for “Relay For Life”.

Report of Standing Committees and Other Mayor and Council Committees

Councilmember Laurence Dinardo

  • The councilman attended the Library Board meeting. The library has been painted. The summer reading program will have its registration on June 9th. On June 24th, there will be a blood pressure screening.
  • The councilman wanted to remind everyone about Relay For life.
  • He attended the Memorial Day service.
  • The townwide garage sale will be on June 14th.

Councilmember J. Ricky Badillo

  • The councilman attended the Memorial Day service and he wanted to recognize Mr. Vigliotti, who this year’s singing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” during official Borough events marks Mr. Vigliotti’s 50th year of performing such a service.
  • The councilman attended the Dad’s Club “All-Sports Dinner”. It was a success and encourages new residents who are interested to contact him 241-2785 or Mr. Iachio, Mr. Delrio, or Mr. Bundy through the Dad’s Club website (Link).
  • The councilman attended the Little League meeting and the season will start on June 21st. Anyone interested in including their child (ages 8-12) in the league can contact the councilman at 241-2785.
  • The councilman wanted to thank Carl Pluchino and councilman Miranda for helping a senior resident who had been taken advantage of. Some men had left two (2) gallons full of oil on his property. The County was notified and DEP came immediately o remove the drums at no cost to the borough nor the resident. The councilman stressed that residents should keep an eye out for their neighbors, especially seniors and the disabled.
  • The councilman attended that Firemen’s Memorial, the officers meeting, and the mediation meeting.

The mayor stated that Laurence Dinardo will also be attending the mediation meetings.

  • Councilman Badillo stated he met with Ken Blum, Bill Heim, and Art Henn to see on how to get a snack stand on the football field. The moneys for the stand will come from a $20,000 grant.
  • The councilman spoke with the borough engineer to try and re-mill the gutters on Union Road. He would also like to see if the area of Union Road & Dalton Street can have their flood zone designation lifted.
  • The councilman attended the Middlesex Fire Academy training with councilmembers Miranda, Matarante, Yakubov, and Chen-Hoerning.
  • The councilman wanted to thank everyone who participated in the 5K evetn for Alan Bodtmann Jr.

Councilmember Rick Matarante

  • The councilman is working with the labor attorney and the DPW superintendent to forge an agreement with the union to allow Roselle Park high school and college students to work for the summer next year.
  • There will be a public safety meeting on June 19th at 6:30 pm. The councilman will e-mail the agenda to council.

Councilmember Modesto Miranda

  • The councilman wanted to thank Chief Morrison for addressing some complaints residents had regarding the disorderly conduct by older students in front of Sherman School.
  • The councilman wanted to thank the fire department for the Fire Academy training exercise.

Councilmember Larissa Chen-Hoerning

  • The councilwoman had her town sprucing up meeting on May 19. There were a lot of suggestions and comments that were very helpful.
  • The councilwoman thanked the fire department for the training exercise.
  • The councilwoman went the Project Graduation Rummage Sale.
  • The councilwoman attended the Memorial Day service in town.
  • The councilwoman wanted to thank the DPW for the “Do Not Enter” sign discussed at a previous meeting that clarified which street was the one being referred to.
  • Being inspired by councilman Yakubov, the councilwoman will be doing a weekly walk in the summer to cover her ward. The first walk will be on June 11th at 6:30 pm on Sumner and Locust.ought up a concern regarding Colfax Manor and West Roselle Avenue. There are smoe addresses in Colfax Manor that have the same number as houses on West Roselle. Mail delivered to Colfax Manor usually has the complex as the secondary address but the Post Office has been delivering mail to the West Roselle Avenue Address and vice verse. The mayor suggested contacting the Postal Service to address those concerns with the local post master.
  • The councilwoman also had a resident bring up an issue regarding the noise ordinance. Presently work can begin at 7 am ion a weekday and 8 am on the weekend. The resident wanted to see if that could be started an hour later. Councilman Badillo stated that the nuisance ordinance is not constrained to certain hours and anyone with problems with dogs barking a lot can contact the police at any time to have the dog brought inside. The councilwoman stated this particular issue was regarding landscapers. Councilman Dinardo stated he looked into this issue with former councilman Harms but it was dealing with evening hours.
  • The councilwoman relayed information regarding the Tri-County Red Cross which has a “Be Red Cross Ready” program which would come to residents’ business, churches, or organization at no cost for 10 or more people. It is a cooperative effort of the American Red Cross and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) to encourage Americans to be more prepared for a disaster or other emergency. The mayor suggested that the Casano Center be contacted to allow for a big audience for the program (Link).

Reports Of Department

Police Department

  • The Mayor asked the police department regarding CenCom (referred to in the previous council meeting). He asked if the First Aid Squad supported the program. The answer was yes. The mayor was okay with it as long as the first aid signed off on it.
  • The Police Chief met with Global Connect regarding Reverse 911. There would be a one-time ocost of $1,400 to buy the phone list from Verizon and then $3,000/year for unlimited access use of the program. A meeting will be set up with the Public Safety Committee to further discuss the program.
  • The chief has met with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) regarding cameras on traffic lights. This company has more accounts than the other company that was offering the service. Additionally, they are willing to negotiate on the percentage of fees collected on fines with the Borough. Councilman Badillo asked if the the previous program had the capability to capture multiple violators like ATS does. The Chief stated that both companies could capture multiple violators at the same time. The mayor stated that such a cost would mandate that the Borough go out for a bid. Councilman Badillo stated that the companies would be willing to help with the Request For Proposals (RFPs) but the mayor stated those companies could not be able to do that and although the company could come in, there would still need to be a bid put out for all prospective contractors. The Chief stated that an ordinance would need to be adopted before proceeding.
  • Police Chief Morrison stated that the police department conducted a 14-day study on Walnut Street and found that out of the 4,329 vehicles that used the designated block area of Walnut, only five (5) went 40 mph while all others were 26 mph or under. At this time and based on the study, periodic monitoring of the area would be suffice. Councilman Badillo asked for a copy of the study. The Chief stated he would have it available for the councilman.
  • Councilman Badillo also asked the Chief about a scam going around where criminals pose as the gas company or other utility company and prey upon people, especially seniors. The Chief stated this has been happening for years and that residents should check and ask for credentials before letting anyone into their home.
  • The Chief spoke with business owners on Chestnut regarding re-instituting parking for business owners and their employees. The CFO is looking into having a lease agreement for parking spaces designated for business in the Borough’s lots. The mayor recommended it be brought up to eh Finance and Administrative Committee.
  • The Sheriff’s department has a program entitled “Project Lifesavers” designated to assist people with Alzheimer’s and down syndrome. Participants receive a watch-type GPS that could be activated if they get lost.
  • The police department took part in a “Drinking & Driving” exercise and the Roselle Park High School along with the State Police.
  • All meters on Chestnut Street are working and the meters on Westfield Avenue are in the process of being configured.
  • The Click-It-Or-Ticket program through a state grant issued 189 summonses. The mayor asked how many additionally violations were summonsed. The chief stated he did not have those numbers with him.

Department of Public Works

  • The superintendent turned in his report and asked if council had any questions or matters regarding it to address.
  • Councilman Miranda asked how the work is coming along at the Casano Center. The superintendent stated it is coming along nicely. By nest week all the major work should be done. SLAP will be coming in to remove ivy from the building. The DPW is waiting for yellow paint for the curb. The mayor stated that the center is going through major renovations and anyone interested in volunteering to help can contact Borough Hall.
  • Two (2) trees between the First Aid Squad and the fire house have been removed.
  • The mayor stated that councilman Yakubov did a walk-through in his ward and had a list of issues he discvored.

Fire Department

  • The Fire Chief spoke with the DPW regarding some buildings & grounds issues that need to be addressed. Also, some fire house (1 & 3) still have the original wiring and lighting from when they were built and should be looked into; a Piscataway fire house had burned down due to wiring issues. The mayor inquired about the cost and asked that it be addressed in the capital purchases soon since council is in the process of working on the budget. The Chief stated that a close eye will have to be kept on this year’s budget since there have been issues with ladders, apparatus and fire equipment as well as brakes on truck.
  • The fire alarm boxes in town are all out of service. They need to be removed and sold at auction but the Fire Chief and councilman Badillo  wanted to see if they could be donated to volunteer firemen. The mayor asked how would donating comply with the law of auctioning off municipal property. Councilman Badillo stated that he understood that anything over $1,500 must be auctioned but the going rate for fireboxes, in his research, is well under that. The Fire Chief stated that Garwood recently donated their boxes and perhaps the Borough could speak with them to see how they handled the situation with donating as opposed to auctioning. Hte Chief stated that if they are auctioned, the Borough would have to pay to have them removed. If they are donated, the winner of a raffle would take it off him or herself.
  • The Fire Chief wanted to thank all who came out for the fire training exercise. Councilman Badillo wanted to thank the First Aid Squad also for coming out to the exercise.
  • The mayor wanted to thank the fire department for presenting their report. This is the initial report given and the mayor welcomed any department that wanted to give its report to the public.

Engineer’s Report

  • The borough engineer was not present. The municipal clerk stated that he attends the second monthly meeting. The mayor stated that the engineer is supposed to attend all the meetings. The mayor asked council and other department to give any information or concerns regarding upcoming or current projects to Nick so that they could be addressed at the next meeting.

Attorney Report

  • The Borough received a response from Con-Rail regarding the donation of land around the train tracks for senior housing. Mr. Johnstone stated that the ball is now in their (Con-Rail’s) court to continue with the discussions.
  • There is an issue of a gun permit appeal by Mr. Frank Gallon that should have a decision by next week.

Municipal Clerk

  • Nothing of note to report.

Chief Financial Officer

  • Nothing of note to report.

Councilman Yakubov arrived during the fire department’s report and offered to give his report for Standing Committee.

Councilman Yakubov

  • The councilman completed his walk-around in his ward and gave his list of issues to the DPW. He wanted to thank the DPW for addressing the issue along Valley Road. SLAP and the DPW cleaned up everything; only the railroad ties are left.
  • The councilman noticed in his walk-through some issues with low lighting being absent in some areas. He suggested a study be done on low lighting needs.
  • The councilman also wanted to thank residents who not only came out but walked with him. He found that residents were able to offer more suggestions and information when he walked through the neighborhoods.

Minutes To be Approved, Pending Any Corrections

  • The motion was moved, voted on, and carried.

The Motion that Bills & Payrolls Not Be Read and Motion that Bills & Payrolls Be Passed For Payment were all voted on and carried.

Reports Of Department

All reports were moved, voted on, and approved.

Ordinances For 2nd Reading

  • None

Ordinances For 1st Reading

  • Ordinance 2245 was moved, voted on, and introduced.


  • Resolutions 140-08 through 149-08 were moved on consensus, voted on, and approved. Resolution 150-08 was addressed previously in the meeting.

The mayor wanted to thank Ms. Romano’s second grade class for the writing contest on how to make Roselle Park cleaner and prettier. One essay in particular from a student (Claire H.) caught the mayor’s attention. The students suggested that people spray murals instead of graffiti and that a planting club be started which could be led by a ‘Gardener of the Month’. The mayor requested that perhaps there be a joint effort between the Casano Community center and the Boys & Girls Club to h ave some of the ideas put into action.

There were no issues for closed session. The meeting was adjourned at 10:22 pm.