RP M&C Meeting (May 15, 2008)

On May 15, 2008, in Mayor & Council, Video, by RP Citizens

Mayor and council were in attendance with the exception of councilman Badillo, who was taking his Lieutenant’s exam, and councilman Matarante who was away on business in Florida. Councilman Laurence Dinardo was Council President in Mr. Badillo’s absence.


  • A request from Roselle Park Project Graduation requesting use of the gazebo was moved, voted on, and carried.

Report and Recommendations of the Mayor

  • The mayor performed a wedding for Alexander Kozzi and his wife before Mr. Kozzi was to be shipped off to Iraq. Tomorrow Nelson Agurto, a National Guard, was also leaving. The mayor wished both soldiers godpseed.
  • The mayor reminded residents of tax relief programs for senior citizens that are available. (Link)
  • The mayor has made another Comcast Newsmakers for taping. It will be shown within the next two (2) weeks on TV-34 as well as other municipality Local Access stations.
  • The mayor reminded everyone on bicycle safety. If under 17, every rider must wear a helmet. Adults should set the example and wear helmets as well. There was a story of a Madison student who pointed out to congressman Munoz that those with scooters are exempt from the helmet law. The legislature will look into closing up the loophole.

Report of Standing Committees and Other Mayor and Council Committees

Councilman Dinardo

  • Councilman Dinardo attended the Sherman School Spring concert at the high school. The concert was dedicated to Mr. Faria.
  • The councilman stated that the Casano Center has been painted and ready for flooring. He is looking for volunteers and will notify residents as to the dates.
  • The town-wide garage sale will be on June 14th.
  • The councilman would like to recognize the O’Boyle’s daughter, who is a world-class Irish dancer and has won numerous awards. She would be willing to perform at the next meeting.

Councilman Yakubov

  • The councilman wised to second the mayor’s concerns regarding helmets. he has seen kids without helmets and riding near curbs. He also cautioned drivers to be extra careful.
  • The next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be scheduled for the beginning to middle of June.
  • The councilman will be doing a safety walk on June 1st at 11 am in his ward to address concerns (pot holes, trimmings, etc.)
  • With regard to seniors looking for tax freeze programs, the necessary forms are in.
  • The councilman wants to see the costs for obtain permanent “Drive 25” signs.
  • If any residents, especially seniors, need assistance with placing their bulk outside for pickup, they can call 245-2118.
  • The councilman attended the Raritan Valley Sewer Authority meeting as a substitute for councilman Badillo. Some resolutions were passed which affect the community; one of them being regarding the inspection of sewer lines.

The mayor wanted to congratulate councilman Yakubov for earning his Master’s in Public Administration.

Councilman Miranda

  • The generator at the First Aid is up and running.
  • The councilman wanted to remind everyone that the townwide garage sale is on June 14th and wanted to remind everyone interested in participating to register at Borough Hall.

Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning

  • The councilwoman wanted to notify residents that the town sprucing up group will be meeting on June 19th at 7 pm in the basement room of the library. Anyone interested can contact the councilwoman at (908) 245-5693  (between 10am-9pm)
  • The councilwoman attended the Union County League of Municipalities. It was informative because it allowed for the exchange of ideas from other municipalities to find and utilize cost-saving measures. The mayor stated he encourages all councilmembers to attend. It has been perceived as a mayors’ group but it is open to all council.
  • The councilwoman wanted to look into getting the Parking Permit program re-evaluation started. The mayor stated it will be sent to the Public Safety Committee meeting.
  • The councilwoman wanted to know if tricycles or training wheeled bicycles were covered under the present helmet laws. The mayor stated he will find out.
  • The councilwoman wanted to remind residents that if there is anything left over from the townwide garage sale, they could join Freecycle. More information can be obtained at freecycle.org. The mayor stated that the Casano Center has a pool table and a piano that are both beyond repair. Anyone interested in taking either can contact Karen Intile at the Casano Center.
  • The bulk pick-up dates are June 19th and June 20th.
  • The National Bus Stop for the Relay For Life will be passing by Roselle Park on Friday, June 30th.

Proclamations & Certificates

  • A Certificate of Recognition was presented to BAPS (Bochasanwasi shree Akshar Purushotttam Swaminarayan sanstha) for their work in the community.
  • The other two certificates will be postponed until the next meeting.

Councilman Yakubov wished to thank Bob Sherr of the Westfield Health Department , who is retiring.

Minutes To be Approved, Pending Any Corrections

  • The motion was moved, voted on, and carried.

The Motion that Bills & Payrolls Not Be Read and Motion that Bills & Payrolls Be Passed For Payment were all voted on and carried.

Ordinances for Second Reading

  • Ordinance 2244. During the public portion Mr. Magiera asked how much cost is this ordinance to the taxpayers. Council responded the numbers are based on prior year’s use (75% of last year and 25% of this year). The ordinance was moved, voted on, and adopted.

Ordinances for First Reading

  • None


  • The mayor asked that resolutions 135-08 through 139-08 be postponed until after council has gone into closed session. They are in relation to mediation with AvalonBay. The mayor also asked that resolution 140-08 be postponed until he can verify that there are no outstanding issues with CenCom. Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning asked to remove resolutions 131-08,  133-08, and 141-08 from consensus.
  • Resolutions 132-08, 134-08, and 142-08 were moved, voted on, and carried.
  • Resolution 131-08. Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning stated that in reading the resolution, she was okay with it. She was not comfortable with the the 30% clause but realized that the percentage request was made by residents, not council. The resolution was moved, voted on, and carried.
  • Resolution 133-08. The councilwoman needed some clarification on the need for the resolution. She was notified that this arose from a situation that occurred in Watchung where those residents and people outside the 200 ft. notification were affected by a development. It would allows those people to attend hearings, meetings, and offer their views on such work. It is also supported by the League of Municipalities. he resolution was moved, voted on, and carried.
  • Resolution 141-08. Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning asked about the bid situation. The bid specs did not specify that Roselle Park was to keep the returns on proceeds from metal. The resolution is needed for the re-do of the bid to be clear. The resolution was moved, voted on, and carried.

Matters for Referral To Committee or Council

  • Both matters were voted on and carried.

Reports of Departments

  • All reports were moved, voted on, and accepted.

Public Portion

Paul Endler

  • Mr. Endler wanted to remind everyone that the Memorial Day Parade will start at 10 am at Sherman School and conclude at the Veterans Memorial Library. VFW volunteers will be out with poppies for donations.

Jacob Magiera

  • Mr. Magiera wanted to wish a belated Mother’s Day.
  • Mr. Magiera wanted to remind council that copies of resoltuion131-08 were to go out to freeholders and municipalities. Mrs. Cali stated she will do that.
  • Mr. magiera stated he was driving by Borough Hall on May 7th and noticed a lot of cars in the parking lot. He entered Borough Hall and noticed Edward Ashi Braunstein entering the conference room. Mr. Magiera asked if the people in the room were there for the mediations and he asked who were the participants in the room. The mayor stated that this meeting was one of the mandated negotiations with Roselle Park, LLC, having Elizabeth “Betsy” McKenzie acting as mediator. The gag order cannot reveal specific individuals but representatives from Roselle Park, the Romerovski property, and AvalonBay were present. Mr. Magiera stated the he hopes that Mr. Johnstone, the borough attorney, should have been one of the people present. Mr. Magiera stated that Mr. Ladell is a lawyer and a good speaker. Mr. Magiera also stated that he witnessed Ms. McKenzie and Mr. Ladell speaking outside of Borough Hall the night of the presentation in a familiar atmosphere. The mayor stated that the borough attorney was not present but that Mr. Surenian was. Mr. Magiera stated that mr. Surenian does not work for the borough and the residents should have their interests represented by Mr. Johnstone. The mayor stated that the Borough is trying to limit costs and have the necessary parties at the ready so that costs can be minimized. That is the reason for a review of the resolutions tabled until after closed session. Mr. Magiera asked when will the public be updated on information. The mayor stated that will happen after mediations come to an end. The mayor stated taht the calendar of sessions are May 19th, May 27th, June 2nd, and July 9th.
  • Mr. Magiera stated he took a ride on Westfield Avenue and noticed 20 empty stores and buildings and four (4) empty stores on Chestnut. Mr. Magiera asked that there be no more barbershops, beauty salons, or nail salons. The borough should try to find and get anchor stores.
  • Mr. Magiera asked how the mayor’s 100-mile bike rider went. The mayor stated it was a nice ride from Babylon, Long Island to Montauk, Long Island.
  • Mr. Magiera wanted to remind everyone that in order to receive the Economic Stimulus Check, they must have filed first.
  • Mr. Magiera wanted to thank the Leader for their article on Newark Airport. Mr. Magiera also read from the Union County Air Traffic & Noise (UCATAN) report.
  • In closing, Mr. Magiera asked that the borough attorney be present at mediation meetings to protect taxpayers’ interests.

Glenn Marczewski

  • Mr. Marczewski again offered forms to the police department and schools that offer bicycle helmets for $10.
  • Mr. Marczewski brought to the attention of the council regarding salesmen who were coming around town selling door to door. Mr. Marczewski stated the salesman he encountered did not appear to have credentials and he called the police on him. Mr. Marczewski stated that other boroughs have photos, tags, and fingerprints that are necessary in registering salesmen.
  • Mr. Marczewski inquired about the Borough’s accordance with the law regarding COAH and Avalonbay. he was notified by the mayor that the day the Borough moved forward to address Fair Share Housing, AvalonBay and Israel Braunstein slapped the Borough with a lawsuit. The State cannot approve nor address any FSH issues until litigation is done. Mr. Marczewski asked why it was not addressed before then. The mayor stated that fair Share Housing has been around since the 80s and that there have been six (6) previous mayors in that time frame that did not address the issue.
  • Mr. Marczewski asked how the Cranford mayor is elected. The mayor stated that Cranford has a township committee government.

Nick Pagnetti

  • Mr. Pagnetti if there has been any new information or progress on getting new headquarters for the Roselle Park Museum. The mayor stated that such issues are being discussed now in mediation. Mr. Pagnetti stated that an architect made plans that he has never seen. there were options discussed such as the OEM trailer, and others that garnered no results.
  • Mr. Pagnetti stated if there has been any thought given to belgian block curbing on East Grant. East Grant is in terrible shape. He asked if in the future, could council consider doing them.
  • Mr. Pagnetti addressed the rusting railroad bridges. Not only are they an eyesore but they are a safety issue. Rust corrodes and weakens steel. The bridges in Roselle park have been around for 80-90 years. Some bridges have been painted but others are still rusting away. Council stated that they tried to get the railroad company to address the issues but they have been stonewalled. Mr. Pagnetti stated that someone should still address it.
  • Mr. Pagnetti informed the public that his Masonic Lodge in Westfield will be having a Child ID Program. On Saturday, May 31st from noon to 3:30 pm, the Atlas Pythagoras Masonic Lodge at 1011 Central Avenue in Westfield will be participating in a child ID program. Children will be fingerprinted and videotaped as well as have teeth impressions and a DNA sample taken. No records will be kept by the lodge – all will be given to parents to keep for safekeeping. For more information, you can call (908) 233-7349. The service is totally free.

Paul Banasiak

  • Mr. Banasiak wanted to inform council that he is for permit parking.
  • Mr. Banasiak wanted to address issues with the sidewalk in front of the high school. When it rains, water pools which blankets the entire walkway and there is no easy way to walk around it other than going on the street.
  • Mr. Banasiak stated that the crosswalk on Webster and Locust (by 7-11) does not stop for pedestrians. Perhaps a light would help things or even having a police officer patrolling the area during the coming home schedules.
  • Council stated that the permit parking will can be addressed at the Public Safety meeting. A letter was sent to the Board of Education to investigate the issue with the sidewalk in front of the high school. A follow-up letter will be sent and a phone call. In fact, Mr. Banasiak can speak with Mrs. Kinloch, a BOE member who was in the audience. With regard to pedestrian traffic, this can also be brought up at the Public Safety meetings since a permanent solution is needed. Mr. Banasiak asked who employed the crossing guard. he was notifed that the BOE does that and the guards cannot be used for eening traffic patrol.

Suzanne Kinloch

  • Ms. Kinloch stated that the National Bus Stop for the Relay For Life will be passing by Roselle Park on Friday, June 30th. Additionally, there is still time to sign up for the Relay For Life. She also spoke on the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (Information Link) They are looking to sign up 160 people. Anyone wanting more information on the study can contact ms. Kinloch at (908) 803-6688.

Mrs. Doreen Cali addressed the issue of salesmen in the borough. The man that Mr. Marczewski was referring to was licensed to sell vacuums. Any resident who is unsure of a sales representative at their dorr can ask for a license that is supplied by the Borough.

Kenneth Blum, the Borough CFO, asked for dates for the next budget meetings. After discussion, it was determined that the next meetings are to be scheduled for May 28th and May 30th at 6 pm.

Councilman Yakubov informed the borough that the fire department had a memorial to recognize all those who served and he wanted to thank them for their commitment.

The meeting went into closed session regarding the Romerovski lawsuit at 9:21 pm. It opened again at 10:32 pm.

  • Resolution 135-08 was moved, voted on, and carried.
  • Resolution 136-08 was moved, voted on, and carried with councilwoman Chen-Hoerning voting ‘No’.
  • Resolution 137-08 was moved, voted on, and carried with councilmembers Chen-Hoerning and Dinardo voting ‘No’.
  • Resolution 138-08 was moved, voted on, and carried.
  • Resolution 139-08 was moved, voted on, and carried with councilmembers Chen-Hoerning and Dinardo voting ‘No’.

The mayor asked his two (2) colleagues who voted ‘No’ on some resoltuions regarding Romverovski, to give guidance with regard to whether the Borough should go on with mediation or not or to give the pros and cons of the mediation.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:41 pm.