RP M&C Meeting (September 4, 2008)

On September 4, 2008, in Mayor & Council, Video, by RP Citizens

Mayor and council were all in attendance.


  • A communication request a block party on the 600 block of Filbert Street on October 18th from 3 pm to 9 pm was moved, voted on, and granted.

Report And Recommendations Of Mayor

  • The mayor wanted to welcome children back to school.
  • Roselle Park will be holding a September 11th ceremony at Mauri Park.

Report And Standing Committees And Other Mayor And Council Committees

Councilman Dinardo

  • The councilman spoke on the Neighborhood Watch program. He has been able to secure getting new signs at cost to replace old and faded ones. He is going to try and secure funds to pay for them.
  • The tiles for the floor at the Casano Center are in. Work on installing them will begin as soon as other work on the closets and storage area are complete.
  • The councilman attended the Library’s End-Of-Summer party. It was well attended.
  • The Grant Avenue sewer project has started.
  • The councilman attended the Public Service meeting with councilmembers Larissa Chen-Hoerning and Michael Yakubov as well as Carl Pluchino, the Code Enforcement Officer.
  • Flowers at the Sherman School were vandalized. The councilman asked for any information regarding the situation, which would be helpful.

Councilman Yakubov

  • The councilman attended the Public Service meeting. In speaking with the Construction Code Officer (CCO), the councilman was notified that eight (8) new businesses are coming into town. The CCO also stated he is talking with businesses to clean up the areas around their businesses. Mr. Pluchino gave ideas to make the downtown area more inviting to people.
  • As part of the Technology Committee, he spoke with Mrs. Accardi to see about the high school making a commercial on recycling in Roselle Park. Additionally, he spoke with councilmember Chen-Hoerning about finding ways to make the borough web site more accessible and to find better ways to put information on the internet. The county will help revamp web site make more accessible.

Councilman Badillo

  • The councilman made a motion to auction the borough fireboxes. The motion was voted on and carried.
  • The councilman wanted to thank the DPW for painting the sidewalks on the 700 block of Filbert Street as well as cutting some trees on Bender Avenue.
  • The councilman attended the Fire Department meeting on Monday and the Station 3 meeting on Tuesday. During the meetings, one the issues raised was that communication between the borough the the fire department have improved. They also wanted to thank council for attended their training in Middlesex.
  • The councilman met with Nick Villano. They looked into issues with Union Road. A check valve has been put in at the area of repairs and at the apartment building by the Union Road pipe. When the road is re-milled, it will also re-mill the area for better waterflow. There are some sewer issues on Spruce Street that will need to be addressed as well as sinkholes on that Street.
  • The councilman wanted to remind everyone that school is starting again and for drivers and pedestrians to be careful.
  • The Aldene School drop-off zone is in place and it is being monitored ill be enforced.
  • The councilman attended the 50s Swing Night at the Casano Center.
  • The councilman attended the Library End-Of-Summer Party.
  • The councilman has been asked when/if FIOS will be coming to Roselle Park. He had discussions with a Verizon representative and it will be coming to Roselle Park. The mayor stated that the nuances with Cranford have been worked out so, when it comes to Roselle Park, it should go smoothly. Councilman Badillo stated that in his talks with the Verizon representative, there is a possibility that Verizon would donate the broadcast equipment.

Councilman Matarante

  • Work on East Clay between Spurce Street and Galloping Hill Road wills tart tomorrow. Residents should have gotten notices.
  • The councilman asked for research on sewer bill discounts from other municipalities regarding pool owners and use of sprinkler systems. Two other municipalities were found and it will be followed up.
  • The Acker Park bid for fencing will be accepted next week. Demolition is complete.

Councilman Miranda

  • The councilman wanted to thank the DPW for replacing the signs on West Clay Avenue.
  • The councilman was going to look into having the fire house bell for the Laurel Avenue station replaced or repaired. Councilman Badillo stated that the bell is being handled as part of the field improvements.
  • The councilman wanted to thank Mrs. Kinloch and the BOE for taking care of the signs behind the Robert Gordon School.

Councilwoman Chen-Hoerning

  • The councilwoman attended the Library End-Of-Summer Party.
  • The councilwoman attended the 50s Dance Party at the Casano Center.
  • The councilwoman attended the Public Service Meeting and is looking forward to meet again soon. Councilman Yakubov asked if a letter could be drafted regarding any proposed changes.
  • The councilwoman wanted to thank Mrs. Kinloch for helping with a problem a resident had. The resident has the high school’s old phone number and she asked to have the number updated on the BOE’s web site. The new number is (908) 241-4550.

Mayor DeIorio

  • The Special Improvement District had a meeting with Jerry Egger, the mayor, and Karen Intile. There was an initiative further the process to make it easier to get businesses into Roselle Park. The new Change Of Use form makes it easier to have a business start in Roselle Park instead of going through the Planning Board. A simple change of use can utilize the use but a major one will still have to go through the Planning Board. The SID wanted to have another meeting with Police Chief Morrison to help address and resolve issues downtown.
  • The mayor, councilwoman Chen-Hoerning, and Saul Qersdyn met at Dunkin Donuts to work on changes for the resolution on Transparency in Government. They will meet again next week to further discuss the technological issues associated with implementing the resolution.

Report of Departments

  • Reports were moved, voted on, and accepted.

Engineer’s Report

  • The Union Avenue pipes have been installed. They are waiting for the fence to be put back in.
  • The East Grant Street project is being worked on.
  • Notices have been sent to residents regarding work on East Clay & Hazel Street, weather permitting.
  • The first aid squad will be having their auto transfer switch replaced.
  • The bonding for the Chestnut Street crosswalks will be finalized by next week.
  • The East Lincoln Avenue train station project will have plans sent to NJ Transit regarding the switching of parcels. The mayor stated that this is regarding the 12 foot sliver of land between the train station and the Ryan property. The borough is acting as a go-between to move the project along.
  • Specs are being put together for the patio area at the Casano Center.

Attorney Report

  • Nothing of note at this time. There are 3 or 4 things for closed session.

Borough Clerk Report

  • The borough held an auction of old unclaimed bikes and cars, which collected $26,000. Two more auctions will be held in the future.

Chief Financial Officer Report

  • Nothing to report at this time.

Department of Public Works Report

  • Frank Wirzbicki handed in his report. The DPW is making preparations for the coming storm. The catch basins have been cleaned and the sewer mouths have been open.
  • All crosswalks and parking lots have been painted. The curbs on the west side have also been painted and the east side is presently being worked on.
  • The mayor asked what preparations the DPW are making for leaf pickup. The DPW will start leaf pick up at the end of October. Landscapers will be able to start bringing loads to the DPW starting November 1st.
  • Bulk waste pick up dates are September 18th for the east side and September 19th for the west side.

Police Chief Report

  • The police have added three (3) stop signs at the corners of Oak Street & Woodside Road, Oak Street & Pinewood Avenue, and Pinewood Avenue. The borough should pass an ordinance to address the new stop signs.
  • The police department is addressing speeding on West Webster and Sheridan Avenue.
  • The Aldene School drop-off zone is working well.
  • An application has been submitted to the state regarding the red light camera systems. The state has asked for additional data and the department is addressing that request.
  • The police department and the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) are prepared for the possible heavy rain expected this weekend.
  • Councilman Badillo stated that parents are happy and have given positive comments regarding the police presence in town.

Fire Department Report

  • Chief Toby has submitted his report. The re-circ valve broke at Engine 3. It is not costly but it needs to be addressed.
  • The chief wanted to remind residents to give courtesy during the possible coming storm. Do not call the emergency line unless there is a real one to allow those with emergency situations to be responded to immediately.
  • The chief wanted to thank councilmembers Badillo and Chen-Hoerning for coming to the Fire Department picnic.
  • The mayor thanked the chief for his report. The Mayor requested that, regarding buildings & grounds, issues that have been addressed be noted on future reports.

Community Center Report

  • Karen Intile went over the Community Center reports. The 52″ TV has been installed and Comcast has installed HD cable.
  • The project to enlarge the storage room will be done next Wednesday or Thursday.
  • The DPW is scheduled to finish the closet next Friday. This would be the best day since no seniors are expected to be in the center during that day.
  • Councilman Dinardo picked up the tiles for the flooring. Once the previous projects are done, the floor will be scheduled to be done.
  • Three estimates have been received for the LED sign for the outside of the Community Center.
  • A flower area in the front of the Center is being discussed to match the side of the building.

Community Affairs Report

  • The police chief requested that the meeting with the SID be held on September 23rd. The mayor scheduled the meeting, after checking, for 6:30 pm.
  • The September 11th Remembrance will have guest speaker Robert Belfiore, the Port Authority Police Chief. There will be a gathering at the Casano Center after the ceremony which include an art display. If it rains, the ceremony can be held at the Casano Center. The mayor asked if flyers could be distributed to the schools to announce the remembrance.
  • Next Saturday will be Cruise Car Night with Sunday being the rain date.
  • The farmer’s market is still on-going until the end of October.
  • The ‘Welcome To Roselle Park’ packet is almost complete. The bag, along with the borough’s crest, will have “Roselle Park Says Go Green, Be Environmentally Keen.” The slogan will be displayed during the holiday parade.
  • Move Night was held, with about 20 people attending. The next Movie Night is October 15th. The next “Afternoon At The Movies” is September 24th.
  • The Midsummer Nights Dreaming of the 50s Dance occurred on August 23rd.
  • The Senior Picnic took place on August 27th.
  • The PNC Art Center Michael Amante will be on September 17th. Tickets are still available.
  • The Renault Winery trip will be coming up.
  • The borough is trying to get affiliated with the Hillside Food Bank. They request a federal letter confirming non-profit status.
  • The Center is looking into participating with the “Mother’s Center of Central New Jersey” (Link). There will be a consignment sale on October 18-9 which the Center would be happy to host.
  • The Center is looking into having a Storytime & Children’s Ceramic program.
  • The 3rd annual Pet Appreciation Day will be on October 26th. Ms. Intile requested a list of pet owners in the borough to announce the event.
  • A local artist art show/exhibit is being looked into to showcase local talent. Ms. Intile needs to speak with the Borough Attorney to see about the legalities regarding having wine available at the exhibits. The mayor recommended having all municipal buildings and schools perhaps gather art from borough children to be exhibited during one of the shows.
  • An OctoberFest is trying to be organized. The proposed date is November 1st.
  • A Town Halloween Decoration Contest is being looked into. Ms. Intile would like to use the community bus but she knows there would be a charge associated with it since the grant for the bus specifies it is free for senior use.
  • Ms. Intile wanted the mayor to review the proposed design for the tile and flooring of the Community Center. Councilman Badillo stated that residents have commented to him that they like the upgrades at the Community Center.

Public Portion

Jacob Mageira

  • Mr. Mageira asked for an update on Senior Citizen ID Cards. Councilman Dinardo stated he is waiting on a callback in order to proceed.
  • Mr. Mageira asked is Solar do Minho has a full Certificate of Occupancy or a temporary one. The mayor stated that he will check but he believes they have a full CO.
  • Mr. Mageira asked about the auctioning of old borough equipment. He asked regarding the updating of the Inventory list that should be in connection with the sale of such equipment to keep inventory of borough assets up-to-date and accurate. He gave an example of typewriters still in inventory.
  • Mr. Mageira asked is the Guariello & Dec lawsuit has been settled. The mayor stated that a settlement is presently being worked on.
  • Mr. Mageira asked for an update on the request to televise the Planning Board meetings and the Zoning Board meetings. The mayor stated that TV34 committee is working on it and he will ask the Committee representative to attend the next Mayor & Council meeting to give a status on the scheduling issues that need to be worked on.
  • Mr. Mageira addressed councilman Matarante regarding two (2) additional handicap parking spaces for the borough parking lot. Councilman Matarante stated the borough is looking into the requirements for the number of present spaces available. It would save time if the requirements necessitate more than two spaces. If there are no requirements, the municipality will put in two additional spaces; being aware that there may not be enough handicap spaces needed during the day. Mr. Mageira stated that people with disabilities visit Borough Hall for business during the day even on Thursdays, when court is in session.
  • Mr. Mageira asked how will FIOS affect the current agreement with Comcast. He asked if the municipality will negotiate a separate contract with Verizon. The mayor stated that it will not but that FIOS will not pay a franchise fee to the municipality. The mayor also notified him that there is no mandated negotiations between Verizon and municipalities. Verizon negotiated directly with the State. Mr. Mageira asked that a resolution be drafted and sent to state officials stating that municipalities should be able to negotiate with Verizon directly.
  • With regard to resolution 200-0, Transparency in Government, Mr. Mageira wanted to correct an misconception in the reading of the Star Ledger article. The resolution would not cost Roselle Park $200,000. That part of the article was in regard to Hillside, not Roselle Park. Mr. Mageira stated that councilwoman Chen-Hoerning is doing a good job and is getting better.
  • Mr. Mageira stated that, with relation to Public Services, the problem with the poles in the borough parking lot are going to be addressed.
  • Mr. Magiera asked that when reports are handed into the governing body, that the department heads read the report into the record or to have the report available to those residents attending the meeting free of charge, instead of having them have to OPRA the reports and pay a fee. For example, the DPW report talked of cleaning the bridge and Mr. Mageira wanted to know if it was the bridge or the sidewalk. Superintendent Wirzbicki stated it was the sidewalk underneath the trestle that has been washed. Mr. Mageira suggested that ConRail should put netting on the side of the tracks to avoid the pigeon droppings. In reading the report aloud, Mr. Mageira stated that SLAP has worked a lot.
  • Mr. Mageira again announced his support for term limits of two terms.
  • Mr. Mageira asked for an update on energy conservation for the municipality. Teh mayor stated that Borough Hall has their air on a timer system.
  • Mr. Mageira asked for an update on his request for total cost of furniture and the grill for the Casano Community Center. The mayor stated that is cost was zero since the money was from a grant. Mr. Mageira stated that grant money was still taxpayer dollars. Ms Intile was called back to give information. After a list was read out again, a total was added up and the total for the grill was $1,471.54. The total for the teakwood furniture was $8,117.66
  • Mr. Mageira read from an Star Ledger article regarding the courts becking housing in Bergen County (Link) in relation with the borough’s present mediation with AvalonBay.
  • Mr. Mageira stated that the mayor forgot to mention the Federal Stimulus check for seniors.
  • Mr. Mageira spoke of the cyclone fencing in town and that it is 1/3 the cost of proposed fencing for Hawthorne basin and has been shown to last 30 years.

Paul Erslinger (sp?)

  • Mr. Erslinger addressed a growing problem on West Roselle Avenue regarding permit parking. He understands the purpose of the permits but now sees that people from the apartment complex nearby are parking on the streets and residents of the street are having a hard time parking in front of or near their houses. Mr. Erslinger had to take down a fence he put on his property because vehicles had their view blocked when approaching the corner but now vans and other vehicles are blocking the view. The mayor recommended that residents of the area sign a petition to address their issues for any parking permits.
  • Mr. Erslinger wanted to approach council for a possible way to lower property taxes. He first wanted to know about pedestrian crossing in the middle of the block and at crosswalks. He was notified that crossing anywhere but at a crosswalk, or areas recognized as crosswalks, is jaywalking. Mr. Erslinger did a small research project of his own. In the center of Roselle Park he noted that out of 25 people who crossed the street, only 11 people used the crosswalk. 13 out of 25 cars stopped at a crosswalk when a pedestrian stepped on the road, 15 of them stopped when a pedestrian crossed in the middle of the block across the street from the Community Center; 8 of the 25 drivers were on cell phones; and 3 of the 25 were not wearing seat belts.
  • In connection with that, Mr. Erslinger spoke of someone he knew who was backing out of their driveway and a public bus was stopped at a bus stop just before the driveway. The bus driver waved the driver to come out and a car behind the bus struck the vehicle. The driver backing out sued the driver and the bus company. Mr. Erslinger asked about this because while driving, he stopped when a pedestrian entered the road at a crosswalk and waved the pedestrian to cross. The car behind him honked and a car coming the other way keep going, almost hitting the pedestrian. Mr. Erslinger asked if he would be held liable for allowing the pedestrian to cross. The borough attorney stated that Mr. Erslinger would not be liable because he was, in fact, complying with the law. the other would be liable for any injuries or damages since they did not obey the law.
  • Mr. Erslinger stated that the mayor missed out on a great senior picnic luncheon.

The public portion was closed

  • Councilman Badillo wanted to notify residents in the Morris’ Creek flood zone that all 237 properties have been removed from the flood zone by FEMA. This, however, has not stopped some lenders from mandating property owners to keep flood insurance. The councilman suggests that those still paying flood insurance because of their lenders should send a petition to have that mandate removed or to look at other lenders.

The Motion that Bills & Payrolls Not Be Read and Motion that Bills & Payrolls Be Passed For Payment were all voted on and carried.

There were no ordinances for first or second reading.


  • All resolutions were moved, voted on , and approved.

The governing body wanted to send their condolences to the Constantino family for the loss of their father.

Closed Session

  • The meeting went into closed session at 9:10 pm to discuss four (4) matters:
    • East Coast Sanitation litigation of Roselle Park v. East Coast Sanitation
    • A personnel matters concerning officer Constantino
    • A personnel matter concerning Judy Mack.
    • A litigation matter concerning the New Jersey Environmental Federation objecting to give their information before coming to town to solicit.
  • Councilman Badillo asked if officer Constantino had been RICE’d. The borough attorney stated that there is no violation of RICE.

The meeting opened again to have it adjourned at 9:37 pm.